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New Cultural space in Incheon Let’s share Graffiti Art

  • Date : 2017-12-05

There is Graffiti on the wall in the hospital?!
New Cultural space in Incheon Let’s share Graffiti Art

Many of you would recall a white and clean wall when you think about a hospital building.
In the Mediplex Sejong Hospital, there is a huge graffiti-like picture on one side of glass wall.

On the glass wall, images of emergency medical center and ambulance are expressed by graffiti art.
It is designed to remind people, including residents or passengers around the area, of not only the one at the Mediplex Sejong but any emergency room and 119 center when they have an emergency.
It contains wishes that urgent patients can receive medical treatment in time.

* Graffiti Art? Graffiti are writing or drawings that have been scribbled or scratched, and it is well-established as a public art in Europe.

Thought the graffiti art, we expect that our hospital can take a role of an open cultural space to communicate with local residents rather than merely providing medical service.
Mediplex Sejong Hospital will continue to provide a space where we can communicate with Incheon citizen and be a leading medical center to provide new healing experience combined with art and culture.