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[Interview] Han, Se-bom Bucheon Sejong Hospital Nurse, who saved precious life on the way home

  • Date : 2018-06-04

[Interview] Han, Se-bom Bucheon Sejong Hospital Nurse, who saved precious life on the way home
"One, two, three, four" calm treatment... A thrilling miracle

Jang, Cheol Soon ㅣ Publication date 2018-05-10 Page 20

She found out an injured man in his 30s by traffic accident
Performed CPR • Asked for help nearby
A father of one year old son • 4 year old daughter regains consciousness

"As a nurse, I could not pass the emergency patient."

The story was reported that a nurse (Bucheon Sejong hospital. Han, Se-bom(28)) who used a cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a patient who stopped breathing at a traffic accident site during her return home from work.

A nurse was waiting for a signal in front of the Incheon Munhak Stadium on the way back home of Hagik-dong in Incheon on the 25th of last month. At that time, there seemed to be a traffic accident on the opposite road, a person was lying near the center line, and three or four passengers were gathered around.

There was blood in the face and head of the man around in his 30s, and the pulse and breathing had already stopped. A passing pedestrian immediately reported to 119 and was receiving emergency guidance on a real-time telephone connection. However, the patient was in a very serious condition, so a nurse who came to the place directly started CPR.

A nurse who worked in a hospital operating room knew what to do in case of an emergency. She pressed the patient's chest with both hands as hard as possible and loudly informed to the people around, "Count the numbers, and please do it the same way if I run out of energy.”

CPR should not be too quick, and pressure should not be too weak, proceed at a rate of 100 times/min., 5 cm in depth. A nurse who had been instructed to perform CPR was well aware that it would be useless if not done properly. The patient's breathing and pulse recovered back after constant chest compressions.
The patient transferred to the 119 first-aid vehicles that arrived shortly after, and taken to the hospital.

The patient’s wife who had been informed late, said to the nurse, "Thank you very much for saving my husband. The doctor told me that he was able to survive due to well-managed emergency treatment. You saved a whole family, not just a person.”

The traffic accident patient was the father of one year old son and 4 years old daughter. He has suffered serious damage to his face bones, broken legs and arms, but fortunately is known to be recovering his consciousness and is being treated.

A nurse working in a hospital for seven years also has CPR certification.
"I learned once again how important CPR is in life," she said. "As a nurse, I will do my best to promote CPR education in the future," she said.