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Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention and Surgery Symposium (APCIS2018)

  • Date : 2018-07-03

The Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention and Surgery Symposium (APCIS: President Lee Myung-mook) jointly organized by the Woochon Cardiovascular Research Foundation (Chairman Seo, Jeong-wook, hereinafter Woochon Foundation) will be held from June 21 (Thr.) to June 23 (Sat.) by the Korea Heart Association's Cardiovascular Research Institute in Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel for three days.

This international symposium will be held on the theme of 'sharing the latest practical information on cardiovascular disease intervention and surgical treatment'. The symposium will include anatomical knowledge necessary for cardiovascular disease intervention and surgical treatment, cardiac ultrasound and imaging, heart failure, congenital heart disease and demonstrations, and lectures and discussions will be held. The symposium also added "Surgery" to the event name and expanded the subject area to cardiovascular surgery.

The latest developments in the interventional and surgical treatment of adult cardiovascular and congenital heart disease will be discussed on the 21st (Thr.) and 22nd (Fri.) through demonstration, presentation and case review. The 3-Day Seminar, a 23-year history of congenital heart disease seminar, will be held jointly with APCIS this year and will run through 23rd (Sat.). It is expected that there will be great progress in international exchange in the field of cardiology, with three experts in heart failure and heart transplantation at Drexel University Hospital in the US and experts from various fields in 15 countries including USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.
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Professor Choi In-seop (formerly Professor of Harvard Medical School) and Professor Oh Byung-Hee (formerly chair of Seoul National University Hospital) will introduce innovative concepts in the field of cerebral vascular intervention and heart failure therapy.
The experience program of Cardiac Anatomy Wet Lab (21, Thr.) and the Cardiac Morphology Experience Center (22, Fri.) are newly opened. Wet Lab will work with 20 lecturers including Professor Kim Kyung-hwan of Seoul National University, a surgery simulation workshop of aortic diseases and mitral valve disease using a pig heart and an autopsy heart. The Experience Center is a session held in conjunction with the Heart Museum project of the Woochon Foundation. Using 3D printing technology and an autopsy heart, the session is designed for participants to experience anatomical knowledge of the heart.
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This experience center will also have a special lecture by Professor Yu Sijun (University of Toronto, Canada) on 3D printing. The Experience Center is expected to be a good opportunity for not only physicians, but also nurse and medical staff. Also it will be a great opportunity to experience 3D printing techniques and to directly observe and discuss the heart of over 300 pediatric and adult autopsy hearts and heart transplant patients.

Director Lee Myung-mook emphasized that “the subject area is expanded to the surgical field as well as the cardiovascular intervention.” He said, "It will be composed of various programs and discussions covering clinical medicine and basic medicine to improve the understanding of heart disease, I hope that this will be very helpful for mutual international exchange."

Seo Jung-wook, chairman of the Board, said, "In recent years, autopsies are very rare. More than 300 autopsy hearts that are going to be released are those of more than 10 years ago. The lives of those who died ten years ago still teach our doctors.” And he expressed thanks to the deceased and his/her family.
He mentioned that "Increased cardiac transplantation has allowed us to see diverse aspects of adult heart disease, and autopsy cardiac education and research in arrhythmia patients is a new emerging field. I hope that this year's "Cardiac Morphology Experience Center" will contribute to the universalization of cardiac expertise."

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During the symposium, the first project exhibition of the heart museum project of the Woochon Foundation will be held. There will be various cardiac models, human organ models, and cerebral vascular intervention catheters using 3D printing technology.
On the other hand, Woochon Cardiovascular Research Foundation is a nonprofit research support foundation established in 2013 by Dr. Woochon Park Young-gwan, who is the founder of Sejong Hospital of HyeWon Medical Foundation in cooperation with other supporters. It actively performs academics and research activities in cardiovascular field, education support for domestic and overseas physicians, and medical support for low-income families at home and abroad, and so on.

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