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"More than half the patients diagnosed with cardiac arrest each month are discovered by AI"

  • Date : 2018-10-04

"More than half the patients diagnosed with cardiac arrest each month are discovered by AI"
▶Making full use of AEGIS, which was developed last year in conjunction with VUNO, for medical treatment…… patent pending


“Patient safety and quality of care are improving with the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).”
On Sept. 6, Chief Director Park Jin Shik of the Cardiology Department at Mediplex Sejong Hospital (see photo) emphasized that, “adoption of the latest technology at hospitals has positive effects for patients.”
Mediplex Sejong Hospital was established in Gyeyangmunhwa-ro, Incheon, to achieve the vision of Bucheon Sejong Hospital to create the finest cardiovascular center in Asia. Opened for one and a half years, it is the only hospital in Korea exclusively dedicated to cardiology.
A great number of clinical trials, unable to have been conducted at Bucheon Sejong Hospital, are currently underway at Mediplex Sejong Hospital. The opening of Mediplex Sejong Hospital became a talking point in the industry as it adopted a system like the specialty hospitals of the Hangil Eye Center and Seoul Women’s Hospital.
In July 2017, Mediplex Sejong Hospital jointly developed AEGIS, an artificial intelligence technology, in partnership with VUNO. AEGIS is the first cardiac arrest prediction program in the world that utilizes AI.
Chief Director Park said, “We have always thought about ways to incorporate IT into patient care for a prompt and safe diagnosis with the development of advanced technologies.” He explained that, “if a more precise patient prediction algorithm is developed, prompt judgement and response to emergency situations such as cardiac arrest and sepsis become possible.”

In fact, about 3 out of every 5 patients moved into Mediplex’s intensive care unit every month for treatment are so moved after detection by AEGIS. Recently, a paper including these facts and research results was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). In addition, a domestic patent has been obtained for AEGIS while an application for an international patent is being drafted.
Additional studies are underway into connecting the AI technology to the daily lives of patients, including those who have been discharged. This would be achieved by mounting the technology to a wearable device. Further, through incorporating blood test and electrocardiogram results into the data, an increase in accuracy can be expected. Last July, a contract covering research and development of the AI prediction algorithm utilizing vital signs was forged in conjunction with an AI based medical data analysis company and a health technology company.

Chief Director Park said, “we are aiming to make an AI algorithm that can predict changes in patient condition in a fast and accurate manner.” He gave an indication of the road ahead when saying, “AI will finally contribute to improving the quality of medical care and safety and prompt recovery of patients.”
Last March, a large number of new doctors were recruited and the kinds of departments were expanded to include the Allergy Internal Medicine Department, Dermatology Department, and Infection Center. In addition, Professor Jeon Jin Hak, a renowned professor who specializes in patient safety and serves as International Advisor to JCI, joined Mediplex Sejong as Director of the Infection Center. In addition, a quality improvement patient safety division was newly established, the first of its kind in Korea, to improve medical services and coordinate patient safety management.
Chief Director Park said, “the paradigm in the medical sector has shifted from doctor-driven to patient-centric and patient-driven and we have improved all policies and systems in line with the changes.” He said, “Mediplex Sejong will make an environment where patients can receive medical care in a safe and convenient environment.”

Not only is he very active at the hospital, but externally as well, serving as Director of Hyewon Medical Center, as a member of the Medical Training Approval Review Committee under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and as Vice Chairman of the Policy Committee of Korea Hospital Association.
However, what he cares most about is treating patients.
Chief Director Park stressed that, ‘it is not possible for me to make a patient-centric system and identify what patients want if I am far away from patients.”
Finally, he said, “I hope that the small trials that started at Mediplex Sejong can have a positive effect on other hospitals.”