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Sejong Hospital conducts overseas medical sharing activities for about 1500 times

  • Date : 2018-11-05

'Dreaming of the heart disease free world'
Sejong Hospital conducts overseas medical sharing activities for about 1500 times

Since its opening in 1982, Sejong Hospital has practiced medical sharing for 13,000 children with congenital heart disease in Korea
and 1,500 children with congenital heart disease in other countries

Sejong Hospital (Chief Director Park, Jin Shik) which dreams the world without heart diseases marks the 1500th surgery for overseas children with congenital heart diseases on Oct. 23 after providing a surgery to 1500th child patient with heart disease since its start of overseas medical sharing in 1989 in China where the hospital provided surgery to a child with congenital heart disease in Yanbian.
Sejong Hospital is the only hospital dedicated to cardiology designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea and it marks its 36th anniversary of establishment. It has been engaged in corporate social responsibility activities home and abroad. Sejong hospital is a representative hospital specialized in cardiology, which goes with the history of treatment of heart diseases along with Drexel University College of Medicine, Hahnemann University Hospital, Toyohashi Municipal Hospital and Kojura memorial hospital in the US and Japan.
The child who was selected for the 1500th overseas medical sharing activity of Sejong Hospital suffered from ventricular septal defect with which there is a hole in the wall dividing the left and right ventricles of the heart, was Drency Grace Edward (4 years, girl) in Malaysia. She was treated with support from Sejong Hospital, SeongAn Heart Foundation, Yoido Full Gospel Church and Shinhan Donghae Open.

The child underwent an operation on Oct. 12 (Fri.) and restored her health. Edit Jaimi (37 years, female) who is a mother of Edward said “may daughter had shortness of breath frequently and felt fatigue easily before treatment but the symptoms went away after the surgery”. She added that “before coming to hospital, I felt scared and was afraid but doctors and nurses treated my daughter well and very kind, which made me comfortable”, expressing her gratitude. She also said “I want my daughter to treat those who are ill as medical professionals in Sejong hospital did for my daughter”.

Hospital chief Lee, Myeong-Mook, head of management support division Moon Kyung-Won and head of nursing division Park Chan-Geum and key figures of the hospital participated in the ceremony for 1500th patient to provide a gift to Edward on the 7th floor ward in Sejong Hospital on Oct. 23. Before this ceremony, professional golfer Kim Joon-Seong who participated in Shinhan Donghae Open visited Sejong Hospital on Oct. 22 and delivered a message of hope to two Malaysian children who underwent operation through sponsorship. Golfer Kim wished the inpatient children a prompt recovery while delivering a gift to children.
Shinhan Donghae Open has supported the treatment of overseas children with heart diseases in Vietnam, Mongolia and Malaysia in connection with Sejong Hospital for 3 years since its 32th competition in 2016 and provided new life to 6 overseas children up to this year
Professional golfer Kim Joon-Seong said “I feel proud of the children who endured treatment and restored their health. Their innocent smile gives me an energy”. He also said “I hope that they will be recovered fully and go back to their home country to lead a new life”.

Chief Lee Myung-Mook of Sejong Hospital said “the medical sharing for 30 years was possible with the participation of many organizations and our hospital will fulfill its duty as a medical center as well as a hospital dedicated to cardiology by supporting children suffering from heart diseases in cooperation with many organizations”.
Sejong Hospital has practiced medical sharing by providing 13,000 domestic and 1,500 overseas children with heart diseases for free since its opening in 1982.