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Sejong Hospital's Pediatric Cardiac Team Succeeds in Replacing Pulmonary Artery Valve with Melodic Valve for the first time as a General Hospital!

  • Date : 2019-07-04
- An advanced treatment that can replace open heart surgery
- It takes 3 days from procedure to discharge: quick recovery thanks to minimal incision.
- Reducing the burden of re-surgery and safer and more effective than before.

The pediatric cardiac team of Sejong Hospital, Korea's only cardiovascular hospital designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, succeeded in replacing the pulmonary artery valve with a melody valve for the first time as a general hospital.

Through collaboration with the pediatric cardiac team, led by Sejong General Hospital's Pediatric Department Director Kim Seong Ho, two patients received the procedure successfully and showed a decrease in right ventricular pressure and in the right ventricle hypertrophy. They were discharged in two days and three days after the procedure, respectively, showing normal findings in the final echocardiogram without significant complications.

Percutaneous pulmonary artery valve implantation using a melodic value is an alternative to open heart surgery and is a highly sophisticated procedure that only a trained specialist with a long experience of pediatric cardiac intervention can perform.

In particular, patients had to undergo surgery to replace with a new pulmonary artery valve nearly every 10 years. However, if the replacement period is shortened due to unexpected complications, the number of reoperations increases, which is a great burden on patients and medical staff. Therefore, it is expected that the replacement of the valve will reduce the burden of operation and provide safer and more effective treatment.

The pediatric cardiac team at Sejong Medical Center is focusing on congenital heart disease in children and adults, and has contributed to the development of pediatric heart disease treatment in Korea by publishing many papers in international journals.