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Mediplex Sejong Hospital, Awarded the WINNER Prize by Asia’s top 3 design awards, ‘K-Design Award’

  • Date : 2017-09-18

Mediplex Sejong Hospital, Awarded the WINNER Prize by Asia’s top 3 design awards, ‘K-Design Award’

Mediplex Sejong Hospital was awarded the WINNER Prize by ‘K-Design Award 2017’ which is known to be Asia’s top 3 design awards.

○ About K-DESIGN AWARD 2017
It is an annual international contest to award diverse and excellent designs of 3 categories including industry, communication and space. For the awards ceremony this year, more than 700 visitors attended, and about 3,100 artworks were entered from 31 countries including the United States, Korea, and Japan. Among hospitals, Mediplex Sejong Hospital was the only one awarded.

In particular, our hospital was highly acclaimed for the design focused on the role as a local facility which includes prevention and follow-up service under the ultimate goal of ‘Create a healthy community’, instead of limiting ‘medical service’ to just a treatment of phenomenal disease. Besides the medical functions of the hospital, our hospital consists of the spaces which harmonize the culture with many artworks and medical care, city and nature, community and wellness altogether.
In addition to provide a space for medical service, we connect the space with the local community through transparent atrium space open to public and link artworks, exhibition and training space with the atrium space, resulting in the place for not only caring physical health of the individual but cultural and mental health of the local community. By adding the artworks reflecting the flow of light and air to all of these, Mediplex Sejong Hospital has become ‘Open hospital that heals the community along with arts and culture’.
At Mediplex Sejong Hospital, we will be the one to provide a new caring experience accompanied with arts and culture, being worthy of this award title.