Safer, Faster Recovery!

The surgical center, which focuses on minimally invasive surgery, consists of four departments.

The Surgical Center consists of specialists on call who are responsible for the safe operation of high-risk patientssuch as the elderly or those with cardiovascular diseases. You can expect the best treatment resultsthanks to the cooperative system in place between the internal medicine center and other specialized centers.

Surgery Center

  • Otolaryngology

  • Surgery

  • Urology

  • Dentistry

Main Services
  • It is possible to treat patients more safely and quickly by cooperating with the minimally invasive surgery center.
  • All surgical procedures are performed with the smallest possible scar within the shortest possible time.
  • With minimal incisions, surgery is less complicated than general surgery, recovery is faster and the time taken to return to routine is lessened.
  • Hygienic operation room with excellent cleanliness of 1,000 classes (Number of ventilation per hour) can be operated safely in a space, from diagnosis of disease to interventional procedures and surgical operations.
Surgery Center