Excellent cardiologist with fine skills resides in hospital
24 hours 365 days

Bucheon Sejong Hospital has a total of 42 excellent cardiologists (24 adult cardiologists and 11 pediatric cardiologists and 3 Anesthesiologist, 4 Radiologist) who are well versed in the number of medical staff, treatment capacity, and performance compared to any university hospital. We have a 24-hour cardiac specialist residence system for fast and proper treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease. This system is currently being used as a role model in the establishment of cardiovascular centers in many university hospitals.

Korea's Only Cardiovascular Hospital Emergency Center

Our hospital is not only Korea’s sole Emergency Center with cardiac specialist capability as designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, but it also provides timely and accurate medical care for various emergency diseases 24 hours a day. Five emergency medical specialists and 11 nurses operate a regular medical care system to provide urgent medical care for emergency patients 24 hours a day. It also has the latest defibrillators, emergency ultrasound equipment, hypothermic induction equipment and monitoring equipment. Major treatments include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hypothermia, intoxication, emergency airway secure technique, wound healing, closed reduction and external fixation of fractures, pain treatment, etc.

  • 'A' rating in 'Regional Emergency Medical Center Evaluation' obtained by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • The highest grade for 6 consecutive years in 'Evaluation of 419 emergency medical institutions nationwide' obtained by Ministry of Health and Welfare