• Medical Service Works

Sending love to overseas patients for the longest period of time to the greatest number among private hospitals. Gratis surgery for 26 years in 25 countries to more than 1,300 children with congenital cardiac diseases.
Quite a number of people from developing countries such as China, Mongolia, Southeast Asia and parts of Far East Russia are reminded of the Sejong Hospital in Korea with the words ‘heart disease’.
The reason for our cognitive recognition as a reachable nearby hospital, rather than just as a foreign hospital somewhere faraway in Korea, is Because of our 24 years of medical services with surgeries performed gratis to over 1,000 children with heart diseases. Due to these medical services we started to become known as a ‘benevolent hospital’ reported on overseas media numerously, as a hospital that performs work even local hopitals of one’s home country couldn’t do. The parents of children who’ve received favors from this ‘benevolent hospital’ contribute greatly as strong supporters of Sejong Hospital in their homelands. Because they are enthusiastically recommending Sejong Hospital for those who need treatments for heart conditions.