Location Floor F1
Open hours 8AM ~ 10PM
Items sold Confectionery, Beverages, General goods, Medical tools, Cosmetics etc
Contact +82-32-340-1495
Out-Patient Restaurant - Juk Story
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Location Floor B1 next to the Cafeteria
Open hours Mon~Sat: 7AM ~ 8PM / Sun, legal holiday: 9AM ~ 6PM
Items sold Nutrition porridge, Bibimbap, Ramen, Kimbap
Contact +82-32-349-6288
Coffee Shop
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Location F1
Open hours 7:30AM ~ 9PM
Items sold Coffee drinks, Waffles etc
Contact +82-32-340-1499
Cash Automatic Teller Machine
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Location 1F in front of emergency room, 1F in front of hospital pharmacy
Open hours 24 hours
Information Industrial Bank of Korea, NongHyup
Christian Chaplain Room
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Location 3F in front of Cerebral Strokes Concentrated Treatment Room
Open hours 24 hour
Information +82-32-340-1490
Manual Civil Service Certificate Issuer
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Location 1F in front of Emergency Room
Open hours 24 hours
Information Bucheon-si Civil Service Certificate Issuer