From rehabilitation to everyday habits! Everything on rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Center.

Unlike the past, when treatments were limited to drugs and surgery, rehibilatation programs have become compulsory, and not selective, for improvement in quality of life for patients nowadays.
Our Rehabilitation Medicine Center is a specially established exercise center, for the purpose of management of life style diseases including rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders and cerebrovascular diseases alike, with a scale of around 100 pyung (about 330m2 roughly).

A Space to enjoy both Health and Healing!

Merging the concept of ‘healing’ to ‘treating’. Our Rehabilitation Medicine Center environment is most suited for healing and recovery, with a park in the front of center and gardens on the side, contributing for recovery of the body and mind, and helping patients to return to their everyday life in their best conditions.

Customized treatment through specialist consultation and education

Residing at our center are specialists in Sports Medicine specialist and Clinical Exercise Physiologists (ACSM-CES) nationally certified from the US, to set plans through customized consultation according to the patient’s health conditions, thus enforcing the best individualized exercise program.

Various Treatment rooms for focused care according to type of disorder.

Different treatment rooms, such as heat, electric therapy room, occupational therapy room and central nerve rehabilitating exercise room are prepared for commencing with various types of treatments, from simple exercise therapies to ones that require multiple tools.
The therapy is carried out on a 1:1 ratio of therapist and patient, and thus treatment is carried out with mutual and sufficient interaction, which contributes to the treatment outcome.

1. Conditioning programs
Health Management programs

For those with no specific disease but is subjected to chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal strengthening as well as physical stamina building.

Children/Adolescents programs

For children and adolescents with obeseness, growth disorders or scoliosis (curved backbones) due to poor posture.

mproving program

For patients who need to follow up after various kinds of operations.

Musculoskeletal system rehabilitation

For those who wish for rehabilitation treatment after a sports injury or rehabilitation exercise to take one’s old position again after an industrial disaster.

2. Life style diseases, as well as chronic diseases programs
Obesity Program

For those with no specific disease but is subjected to chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal strengthening as well as physical stamina building.

Joint strengthening program

For those who need arthritis management, due to osteoporosis.

Hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia management programs

For those who have life style diseases and need exercise management.

Structure of Rehabilitation Center