• CT / MRI
    A 256 channel dual source CT equipment with speed faster than the original doubled and accurate and lucid imaging is possible. Radiation exposure quantity is reduced due to a faster examination time requirement. Also, early diagnosing and precise treatment is enabled by observing 3-D imaging of active organs, including capillaries and heart∙brain via the MRI equipment.
  • Connected Care Solution
    The patient monitoring system ‘Connected Care Solution has been induced for the first time in Asia. By connecting the Central Surveillance System that are here and there inside the hospital, and a mobile gadget in to one network, the information about the patient’s state can be passed on to the nurse in charge and specialist doctors, who is then able to check the patient’s condition realtime, such as the EKG, as well as making accurate and quick decisions enforced beyond the limits of physical space and time.
  • Da Vinci si surgical robot
    With the induction of the world cutting-edge technology Da Vinci si robot, which is unique in the country except for 2~3 university hospitals, safe and elaborative surgeries, through minimal invasive procedures either endoscopic or with robots, have been made possible. Due to less bleeding, scarring, and minimized aftereffects, a fast recovery and return to everyday life is possible.
  • Hybrid Operation Room
    he hybrid operation room of the highest level in the country in which various ‘angiography’, ‘intervention procedures’ and ‘surgeries' of vascular diseases, such as cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular diseases and others, can be performed. Even old-age and high-risk patients with accompanying diseases can receive treatment safely because it is possible to operate emergency surgeries needed to be performed on-spot, without having to move the vascular conditioned patients, commonly lead to emergency situations, to another area of space.
  • Cardiovascular Angiography equipment
    Equipped with 2 biplane imager of the best features and 3 cardio-cerebrovascular-specific imaging facilities, we provide apt treatment for high risk or old age patients with shortening of time taken for imaging and minimization of contrast medium injection and exposure to radiation. Also, the examination can be performed at the safest zone, with a purity of 10,000~1,000 class (meaning, a high number of ventilation per hour) while maintaining the optimum level.
  • Purely Aseptic Operation Rooms
    Operation rooms composed with an optimum environment according to the international standard. The Operation Room is kept with a mutual assistance system that controls the whole operation rooms individually and Hepa-filter installments to block infection possibilities, and constant temperature and humidity chamber system to maintain the environment in the operating rooms. In low-temperatures operating rooms, the damage on cardiac muscles, as well as other organs, is minimized and helps patients with a faster recovery.
  • Intensive Care Unit
    Our Intensive Care Unit, which occupy a high proportion out of the total number of beds, is composed of a pleasant and safe environment, as well as infection prevention, maintaining a wide space of a 2m distance between sickbeds. In addition to the open wards, single sickbeds and isolation compartments (including isolation front rooms) are also managed, and with the shortest distance from the operation room, immediate response to emergency situations of severe patients is enabled. Also, for the first time in Asia, with the ‘Connected Care System’ induced, a real time patient monitoring system, a prompt treatment of severe patients can be operated, with an epochal reduction of time taken for response.
  • Artificial Kidney room
    Kept with the latest hemodialysis equipment and with a separate isolation room for dialysis to provide safe treatment for patients prone to infection with chronic conditions. Natural lighting fills the Artificial Kidney room and the spacious greenery of the surrounding park help fast recovery and healing with pleasantness.
  • Cerebral Stroke Concentrated Treatment Room
    Providing concentrated treatment for patients of cerebral stroke; with a 1:1 management ratio of patient-to- nurse in charge, prepared for fast treatment and monitoring for signs that affect survival and prognosis.