• Total Process

Appointments for Overall Examination, OPD, and Admission

From Appointments to Immigration
  • Send us the patient’s Personal Information and symptom, results of local examinations and wanted type of examination(screening).
  • We will send you an estimate based on the background information received and also, if you send us the date, time and flight information, we will
  • provide a Pick-up service (no charges) with a translator.
  • The patient will be guided to the lodging location of his or her choice, between a foreigners-only ward or lodgings in the surrounding areas. (Lodging fees are personal expenses)

Examination and OPD, Admission
  • Examination and OPD consulting is proceeded accordingly to appointments made beforehand.
  • Treatment is advanced to, based on the results of examination and all processes are proceeded at One-Stop, in order to minimize the time for staying in Korea.

Payment and Departure
  • When all treatments are finished and the payments and discharge formalities are done with, we will provide a vehicle for your departure, to get to the airport, if you notify us of the date, time of departure and flight.
Appointments and Questions
  • English & Russian
  • E-mail

All translation services are provided throughout the process, from immigration to discharge, with no charges.