Saving lives by establishing treatment systems within the golden hour

Our center provides a total service covering not only treatment and prevention but also a rehabilitation program for a normal life after being discharged.

Cerebrovascular center

  • Radiology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Neurology

  • Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Neuropsychiatry

Craniovascular clinic
  • Cerebral stroke clinic
  • Palsy clinic
  • Headache & vertigo clinic
  • Disc(lumbago) clinic
  • Dementia clinic
  • Brain Tumor clinic, etc
A combination of best professionalism and skills

Staff members consists of professors from the Havard College of Medicine - which the American press considers one of the top 10 medical centers, - TUFT College of Medicine - namely In Seob Choi, a leading figure known in the field of craniovascular intervention procedures and still in post, - staff undergone training at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and staff of over 15 years of clinical experience.

Structure of Cerebrovascular center
A speedy cardio-cerebral vascular condition response system fighting seconds

Our center installed the former Sejong Hospital's Cerebrovascular system of Best Medical Center with Treatment, which scored a 100% on brain imaging proceeding rate within 1 hour, a 100% on rate of rehabilitation evaluation within 5 days, a 100% on rate of thrombolitic drug medication within 1 hour, and acquiring 1st class for all 9 categories on appropriateness of acute cerebral stroke, exactly the way it was.
Also, bringing in the ultimate emergency medical system for cardio-cerebrovascular conditions of Sejong Hospital Emergency system exactly as it was, with the Cerebrovascular disease Emergency team residing in the hospital 24 hours and 365 days, patients can be treated by specialized experts from the very start.
After some CT, MRI processing through our One-Stop System which facilitates diagnosis, testing, checking outcomes, procedure-undergo all in a day, organic consultation can be arranged between our staff from various departments such as emergency medicine, radiology, neurology and neurosurgery, based on the outcomes, and thus appropriate drug treatment, intervention procedures or surgery (for patients with cerebrovascular conditions) that require competing with fractions of seconds are proceeded at top speed.
A clinical laboratory is installed at the first floor of Emergency Medical Center, with general x-rays and CT processing made ready, for immediate decision-making and minimization of transferring distance when treating urgent patients.

Preceding the 3 hours of Golden Hour for Strokes
  • Thrombolitic drugs infused
    within 30 minutes

  • Cerebrovascular angiography
    within 1 hour

  • Cerebrovascular surgery
    within 2 hours

  • Completion

‘Thrombolitic drug infusion for thrombolysis of obstructed blood vessel area within 30 minutes after arrival of cerebral stroke patient’, ‘Cerebral angiography within 1 hour’, ‘Cerebrovascular surgery within 2 hours’ The Hotline System is a system that facilitates a faster response, preceding the 3 hours of Golden Hour for Strokes.

Intensive Care system to help recovery more effectively and quicker

The Cerebral Stroke Intensive Care Unit operates for a more effective and intensive treatment for a faster recovery of patients, and an immediate management with a patient-nurse ratio of 1:1 is always arrangeable, with our expert nurse specialized in cerebral stroke residing at the unit.

Be assured with our Comprehensive Nursing Care!

Often, patients with severe cerebrovascular conditions are bedridden and it can be burdening and hard for families to care for them. In order to reduce their burden, Incheon Sejong Hospital offers Comprehensive Nursing Care at all wards. Comprehensive Nursing Care is a service in which nurses and nurse assistants take comprehensive care of the patient instead of family members and guardians, thus reducing the burden of having to keep a guardian or caretaker for the patient, and quality medical care can be given also.

Overcome 'dementia' via a liaison of 3 medical centers

The three medical institutions Bucheon Geriatric Hospital, an affiliated organization of Hyewon Medical Foundation, specialized in senile diseases and major accompanying cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, Sejong Hospital and Incheon Sejong Hospital are in liaison with one another to provide specialized medical care for patients with acute and chronic dementia and support a healthy old age.

  • Bucheon Geriatrics Hospital

  • Incheon Sejong Hospital

  • Sejong Hospital