Health is a right that everyone should enjoy in life

Our center, with a screening program with many subdivisions, aims for a convenient screening for patients through a fast and safe diagnosis, reduction in time taken for examination and effective designed structure for a smooth flow of human traffic between testing. Our pleasant environment, the latest high technology and expert staff specialized for screening help increase the accuracy of results. Being facilitated to obtain imaging in the shortest span of time with induction of the Revolution CT 512-slide scanner, the most elaborate and quick CT used to diagnose cardio-cerebrovascular and musculoskeletal disorders among all in existence, even those with fast motioning hearts, active children, elders or patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who find it difficult to hold breaths, and patients with severe traumatic conditions, have been able to receive precise examinations and diagnosis of minute lesions. Along with the Revolution CT 512-slide scanner, our simultaneous diagnosing via the 3 Tesla MRI which can perform precise diagnosis of the nervous, musculoskeletal systems, abdomenand heart, is first to be enforced in the nation, and enables for the quickest and precise diagnosing and effective reduction of examining time, all the while being safe. Our center, which offers individualized screening programs with many subdivisions, not to mention our examining rooms and laboratories stationed for effective flow of human traffic, provides for a convenient and swift screenings for patients in a pleasant environment, with state-of-the-art technology with CT and MRI that add to the accuracy of exam outcomes.

Main Services
  • Precise screening via state-of-the-art facilities
  • Thorough examination and follow-up
  • Pleasant environment for health screening
  • Exclusive ward for high-quality lodging during screening visit
  • Specialized staff for health screening
General Screening Appointments and Questions
  • The Health Improvement Center is located on the 3rd floor
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Structure of Health Improvement Center

Rae-Yeon Kang Chief of Center

강래연 과장 사진 이미지
2006 Graduated Jeonbuk National University
The effect of social and economical level on mental health of Korean adolescents(Family Medicine, 5(3) 2015)
2006-2007 Intern at Seoul Nation University Hospital
2013-2016 Residency at Kyunghee University Hospital
2017~ current Chief of Health Improvement Center at Incheon Sejong Hospital