Our center is proud to offer general screening tests for our patients, in the most convenient and quick way of diagnosing and treating, via our One-Stop System

Screening professionals are stationed at our center and patients can receive all screening conveniently at one stop. Also, we will help arrange appointments, in case of any abnormalties found from screening, that you can meet on the day.

Main Services
  • Koreans National screening (General Screening, Life Transition Period Screening, Cancer Screening)
  • Thorough screening and monitoring
  • Employment Physical Check-up
  • An exclusive ward for high-quality lodge screening
General Screening Appointmnts and Questions
  • General Screening Center is stationed on the 3rd floor.
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  • Fax
A screening program carried out by the National Health Insurance Service Public Coporation, workplace members, work dependents members, community members and medical benefit receiving members come under it
(General Screening, Life Transition Period Screening, Cancer Screening)
  • Screening schedules 8AM~12PM (reception closing at 11AM) / 1:30PM~4PM (reception closing at 3PM)
  • Those subjected to Health Screening must have with them the Health Screening Chart or a document to check for accountability (bring ID card)
  • Those who missed screening the previous year are feasible after a Coporation verification process (ID register).
  • Clients for General Screening (blood test) are to fast from 9PM the previous day of testing.
  • Exception: those subjected to blood pressure medication should take medication with a small quantity of water around 6~7AM before screening.
  • Refrain from working in late (or night shifts), doing extreme sports activities, drinking and smoking, for an accuracy of test outcome.
  • Stomach, liver cancer screening: Call or Visit for Appointments / General Screening, Breats Cancer, Cervix Cancer screening: possible on Day of Visit
  • When outcomes show abnormalities that point to possibilities of hypertension or diabetic, secondary screening proceeded (no additional fees).
  • Screening results posted through mail within 14 days.
  • Patients accounted to having taken more than double examinations in different hospitals, complementary measures will be taken, to prevent double coverage of insurance.
Screening for health documentation needed to submit for entering job.
(General companies as well as public enterprises)
  • Screening schedules 8AM~12PM (reception closing at 11AM) / 1:30PM~5PM (reception closing at 4PM)
  • 2 half-quarterplate photos of yourself (if issuing more, bring with you another extra photo of the same size and an extra \1,000)
  • General companies health screening: \35,000 / Public enterprises (schools, public institutions) : \40,000
  • About 40 minutes~1 hour of testing is required, depending on the type of diagnosis
  • About 3~4 days are taken to receive documents stating results of screening.
  • Avoid screening during menstruation (female clients)

Ex: Screening done on Monday – day of receipt on Thursday afternoon, 3PM~4PM

Aptitude test needed to acquire or renovate license.
(motor licenses, car driver’s license)
  • Screening schedules 8AM~12PM (reception closing at 11AM) / 1:30PM~5PM (reception closing at 4:30PM)
  • ID card and 2 half-quarterplate photos of self needed
  • Screening time takes about 30 minutes or less.
  • Those with spectacles or lens users are required to prepare for screening beforehand.
Student Health Examination is under the provision of the national School Health Act.
(Subjected to Primary school 1st and 4th graders as well as freshmen years of both Middle and High school)
  • After an agreement sign with the school (the administrative office, school nurse), examination is carried out within a certain period of time.
Other diagnosis are medical certificates issued for acquiring licenses.
(english certificates, foreigner visa extensions, conscripted policemen as well as conscripted firefighters, medical technician, nurses, beauticians, hygienists and etc)
  • Do receive examination after consulting over the phone.