• Mission&Vision

Structured to put patients’ safety as top priority

Mediplex Sejong Hospital is structured with an infection management control system, designed with its background based on our chief aim of patient safety, segmented into emergency patients, severe patients, ward and OPD patients..

Along with access restriction devices for safety of patients and guardians, let alone isolation compartments and separate counselling rooms placed here and there in the hospital, it has been constructed with a One Way Process, meaning the flow of traffic does not cross between the clean zones and the contaminated zones, in all of the Emergency Room, Operation Room, Endoscopy Room, the ICU, wards, Central Supply Room and others.

The Wards

Separated elevators are operated for patients and general clients (and guardians) and all visits by general clients, except for patients, are strictly regulated in all of the wards on each of the floors. Wards are areas set solely for recovery and Sejong Mediplex Hospital is leading improvements in the sick-visits culture, via this regulatory system.

Especially, having participated in the government’s modelling of the Comprehensive Nursing Care from its early stages since 2013, and acknowledged on the multiple years of experience in operating the ward and contributing in expansion of the service, and designated as one of the 7 leading hospitals in the country, the know-hows and system of the Sejong Hospital have been applied exactly as it was to Mediplex Sejong Hospital. All basic sickrooms in any of the wards are 4-bedded, with glass walls between each sickbed, in consideration for both pleasantness and prevention of infection that may occur among the patients.

Comprehensive Nursing Care is operated in all of the wards and the environment is pleasant and comfortable, patient-centered, as well as prevention of infection and leading improvements in sick-visits culture; it is not just simply a matter of expanding the number of beds for the Mediplex Sejong Hospital, but about providing a genuinely patient-centered medical service from the very start, even from designing the hospital with top priorities as the patients.

Everyone including patients, clients and community members! A new healing experience with nature, art and culture

At Sunset Garden(5F), Sunlight Garden(7F), Garden of Light(8~11F), where you can rest in comfort, experience recovery regardless of the weather in 365 days of the year.

The wide open park around the hospital which exhibits a beautiful view enough to take walks all year round, and the greenery you can observe while receiving treatment at the Rehabilitation Medicine Center(Physical Therapy) and the Department of Artificial Kidney provide affirming experiences if recovering with nature.

The big lobby designed as an atrium space, something novel to the usual heavy image of a hospital, provides a special Healing Experience for the clients.

Appreciate works of the best artists in the country here and there in the hospital, not to mention the various themed exhibitions that are held regularly at the Gallery RAN on the B1 floor, and it is also possible to spectate a health lecture, various events and performances at the Hall. These facilities are all open to the local community, allowing for opportunities to meet with a Healing Experience in nature together with cultural contents.

Returning to everyday life through fast recovery, actualization of genuine wellness

Mediplex Sejong Hospital helps patients return to their everyday lives faster, providing patient-centered prompt process and optimum treatment

Our system facilitates a faster diagnosis and treatment with precision, being the first in Korea induce the Revolution CT 512-slide scanner and simultaneous diagnosing via the 3Tesla MRI, and we strive to reduce the number of hospitalized days for patients by inducing the latest medical technologies, such as the world cutting-edge technology da Vinci si robot, being the first in Asia to operate the Connected Patient Monitoring Solution system, inducing minimally invasive operations, hybrid vascular surgery, One Day Cath and others.

Latest Equipments
  • High precision Revolution CT 512-slide scanner
  • Connected Care Solution (Connected Patient Monitoring Solution), the first in Asia
  • World cutting-edge technology da Vinci si robot
  • 3Tesla MRI for precise diagnosis of the neuro, musculoskeletal systems and abdomen, heart
  • Hybrid Operation Room
  • Purified Aseptic Operation Room
The hospital that privileges you with optimum treatment convenient and fast

Mediplex Sejong Hospital improved the convenience for clients with its base on revolutionary processing.

A One Stop service from diagnosis and treatment to payment at each Specialized Center is provided, as well as a unified system for payment in wards in order to minimize the flow of traffic in discharged patients in the hospital, and a more convenient and faster method of utilizing the hospital with just your mobile phone easily enough for anyone.

Mediplex Sejong Hopital especially planned and developed a mobile application, ‘Smart Escort’, which provides details and takes on the role of an mobile doctor-in-hand providing information about diagnosing processes and procedures about the formerly what seemed like a world of unfamiliar and complicated large-sized hospital proceedings, and also supports customized health information, schedule management, and appointment bookings. Mediplex Sejong Hospital presents a patient-centered and patient-initiated medical service through the ‘Smart Escort’.

The environment has composed in such a way so as to guarantee the privacy of clients, beyond mere convenience improvement. Using the separate elevator built in consideration of the individuality and privacy of female clients who visit the Seoul Women’s Center(3F), you can easily move from the 1st floor lobby to the center, and the International Medical Center(3F), which is right across and built with its own reception desk and separated consulting area of space, and is also reachable to the wards on a separated elevator.

Designed and built in consideration of the flow of traffic of each client divisions, Mediplex Sejong Hospital provides a Total Medical Service of diagnosis and treatments with the optimum standards and respect for our clients.

Loved and accepted by clients and patients, your trusted brand, Sejong

Mediplex Sejong Hospital soars higher, with its basis on the 36 years of history and confidence of Sejong Hospital, which has lead the health of the local community and developed the field of medicine in Korea.

As the brand that has provided a patients-centered, optimal medical service and grown to gain the trust of clients, the heart-specialty hospital of Sejong Hospital, the No. 1 hospital in Korea with 400,000 patients coming every year, has long-lead the cardiovascular field of the nation with years of experience and know-hows.

  • Ranked 1st (97.8%) in an assessment of cardiac surgery success rates in 61 hospitals of The Korea Heart Foundation (2001~2004) (Seoul National University Hospital: 97.7%, Samsung Medical Center: 97.0%)
  • Ranked 2nd as ‘Hospital with the lowest rate of death caused by Acute Myocardial Infarction’ out of 77 hospitals, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, 2005.
  • Ranked 3rd as ‘Hospital that heart diseases patients head to the most’, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, December of 2011.
  • Rated ‘1st Class Hospital for Acute Myocardial Infarction’, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, December of 2013
  • Rated ‘1st Class Hospital for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft’, for 7 consecutive years, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, March of 2016

As seen from the above, from the first year of being appointed as the specialized treatment center for heart diseases by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1989, so it continues today, after 2005, 2008, and even 2011, as the only Heart Specialized Hospital in the Republic of Korea.

In November 2011, the hospital was acknowledged by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations(Joint Commission International), as a Heart Specialty Hospital with international standards that provide with a high level of medical service and safety.

Like this, the Mediplex Sejong Hospital, which has been trusted and experienced by patients, continues to hold its name high, by inducing the medical system of Sejong Hospital, which was trusted and experienced by patients, exactly as it was.