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Awarded the prize by Minister of Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy(MOTIE) in the ‘2017 Good Design Award’

  • Date : 2018-01-08

Awarded the prize by Minister of Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy(MOTIE) in the ‘2017 Good Design Award’

Mediplex Sejong Hospital was awarded the prize by the Minister of Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy in the ‘2017 Good Design Award’(Universal Design Prize).

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■ What is Good Design Award?
Hosted by MOTIE, it is one of the most prestigious design contests in Korea to authorize the GD(Good Design) mark to the product with design excellence based on the evaluation of the elements such as outlook, function, materials, economic feasibility etc.

Besides of today’s award, Mediplex Sejong Hospital has been awarded the WINNER Prize by ‘K-Design Award 2017’ in last September, which is known to be Asia’s top 3 design awards.
Mediplex Sejong Hospital presents distinct and new concept of hospital under the theme < Hospital beyond healthcare> as refreshing the role of hospital for the local community. Hospital is designed to communicate with local residents by placing an open atrium, installing artworks inside and outside of the space, opening auditoriums and galleries with diverse educational, cultural and artistic contents to the public, thus ultimately to play a pivotal role in making local community healthy.
With high accessibility, professionalism and credibility, the hospital presents a new concept of hospital service model by applying the know-how of each field in the specialized hospital to provide professional medical service at one-stop and constructing the space for a multidisciplinary medical treatment. In addition, design consistency was provided by repetitive design elements, and convenience was maximized by categorizing dimensional/planar sign system by user group.

Based on the ideas that the building is like a bowl to contain people’s behaviors, the building represents the hospital’s professionalism and diversity by adapting dimensional patterns in the soft colored background to express various changes. Mediplex Sejong Hospital will try to be a new model of local hospital beyond the general meaning of hospital by continuous communication with customers through space and visual design and connection with surroundings.