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Introduction of Smart Insurance Claim Machine

  • Date : 2018-02-06

All at once even from preparation to delivery of insurance claim​
Introduction of Smart Insurance Claim Machine

Mediplex Sejong Hospital installed a Smart Insurance Claim Machine for your convenience in charging insurance money after medical consultation today.

It is a machine available to claim insurance money simply and conveniently with touchscreen and scanner as like ATM. Using this machine, you can claim insurance money for outpatient care, hospitalization care and actual expense and deal with every insurance company. Thus, anyone can claim his/her insurance money easily by convenient issuance, preparation and delivery of documents.

Depending on the types of your insurance, you can claim insurance money with only this machine without another process. (However, insurance claim for hospitalization, fracture, operation, disability, diagnosis, or death requires issuance of additional document.)

We, Mediplex Sejong Hospital, always try to be a convenient, smart and fast process hospital for patients.

■ Location of the Smart Insurance Claim Machine: Next to the revolving door at entrance of lobby, main gate of hospital (1F)