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Sejong Hospital starts discussing establishment of an international heart hospital with Sun Yat-sen Hospital, Shenzhen, China

  • Date : 2018-04-02

On March 16th (Fri), Sejong Hospital, the only special hospital for the heart in Korea, initiated discussions with Sun Yat-Sen Hospital in Shenzhen, China, on the establishment of an international heart hospital. Established in commemoration of the revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the Sun Yat-Sen Hospital specializes in heart diseases for 25 years. Starting from this agreement, the two hospitals will be discussing the establishment procedures of an international cardio-vascular hospital with about 230 staff members in various medical departments including cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatrics, infectious diseases, and etc.

This occasion was attended by Dr. Park Jin-sik, the chairman of the board of the Sejong Hospital, Guangzhou Consul Oh Jin-hee from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and branch head Baek Sung-su from the Korea Health Industry Development Institute to show the interest and support from the government. About 10 staff members from Shenzhen and Sun Yat-Sen hospital attended to show their anticipation on future projects. Starting from the academic seminar after the signing ceremony, the medical exchange will expand, while the detailed tasks leading to the final established will sequentially proceed, including staff training, surgeries, certification system consultation, etc.

For the first time in Korea, Sejong Hospital steps forward to establish an international cardio-vascular hospital in partnership with China. The hospital will be fully committed to making the first successful model of Korea-China heart hospital with its know-hows and organized system.