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Yoo, Jae-seok, a director of Thoracic surgery, Selected as 'Procter' for non-sutured aortic valve replacement

  • Date : 2018-06-04

Sejong Hospital, Korea's only cardiovascular hospital, is a leading medical institution that performs non-sutured aortic valve replacement, and is actively operating for older, high-risk patients.

Department of Thoracic Surgery Yoo, Jae-seok was selected as a 'proctor' for Edwards Lifescience, a global prosthetic valve manufacturer, for non-sutured aortic valve replacement.

'Proctor' is an international specialist who can educate, supervise and manage the technique of non-sutured aortic valve replacement for the whole world. Six people have been selected in Asia, and Yoo, Jae-seok as a proctor will carry out various duties such as sharing various know-hows in the future.

Non-sutured aortic valve replacement is a technique that can be used to reduce the time required for heart surgery by inserting a prosthetic valve without suturing during valve replacement. It is possible to perform safer operation even if the calcification is very severe in the aortic and aortic valves as well as in patients with high risk of elderly patients, patients in need of reoperation, patients with various cardiac operations, And a minimally invasive procedure is performed instead of a conventional anterior breast incision (median sternotomy), and a quick recovery can be expected. Director Yoo, Jae-seok expressed his aspiration to actively introduce this new technique and introduce it to many medical institutions.

On the other hand, Sejong Hospital was the first in Korea to perform non-sutured aortic valve replacement on December 1, last year, centering on director Yoo, Jae-seok.
It is the first in Korea to succeed in cardiac surgery using 3D endoscopy, and for the first time in specialized hospitals, we are conducting sophisticated and detailed minimally susceptible surgery using advanced techniques such as performing cardiac surgery using robots.