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Sejong Hospital and VUNO signed a joint technology development agreement for prediction and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

  • Date : 2019-03-07
- Using clinical data, electrocardiogram-based cardiovascular disease 
- Develop AI software to predict and diagnose

Sejong Hospital and Mediplex Sejong under the auspices of Hyewon Medical Foundation signed a joint technology development agreement with VUNO, a leader in artificial intelligence medical solutions development, to create ECG-based cardiovascular disease prediction and diagnosis technology on Thursday, January 24.

Cardiovascular disease requires accurate diagnosis since heart failure, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, etc. are the first or second leading cause of death by single disease. In accordance with this joint technology development agreement, VUNO will develop ECG-based AI software to predict and diagnose cardiovascular disease based on clinical data including medical records and bio-signals, and advice provided by Sejong Hospital.

Sejong Hospital and VUNO, in particular, developed a cardiac arrest prediction system and an emergency patient classification system based on artificial intelligence in 2018 and published each article in world-renowned journals.

We at Sejong Hospital will identify patients with unpredicted cardiac arrest in advance using our medical data and provide appropriate treatment for them to prevent deterioration of their condition. We will also continue to work hard on research and development of disease prediction technology so that we can make great contributions to treatment for critically ill patients.