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Mediplex Sejong Hospital was selected as Incheon’s leading medical institution in the field of ‘cardiology’

  • Date : 2019-03-07

- In recognition of its excellent medical technology in the field of heart disease, a ‘serious illness’
- Plans to implement a global healthcare project linked to aging society

Mediplex Sejong Hospital was designated as one of the major medical institutions of Incheon in the field of cardiovascular disease treatment.

The city selected hospitals with core competency of medical technology to treat serious diseases in each field. Mediplex Sejong Hospital was chosen for its outstanding cardiovascular disease treatment technology.

Six medical institutions located in Incheon including Mediplex Sejong Hospital will work together to improve the level of local medical care and enhance competitiveness in the global healthcare market in response to population aging.

Mediplex Sejong Hospital will continue to do its best to ensure that patients can receive quality healthcare in a safe and reliable environment.