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Moon Kyung Won, head of Management Support Division at Haewon Medical Foundation Sejong Hospital awarded the '9th Chong Kun Dang Prize for a Respected Hospital Manager'

  • Date : 2019-05-07

- Awarded in recognition of her contribution to creating a hospital culture with full commitment and the spirit of service

On April 18, Moon Kyung Won, the head of Management Support Division, won the '9th Chong Kun Dang Prize for a Respected Hospital Manager' at a ceremony celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Korean Hospital Association News on the third floor of the Lotte Hotel.

Jointly established by the Korean Hospital Association and Chong Kun Dang, the prize is awarded to distinguished individuals who have contributed to the growth and development of medicine. Specifically, one former or current hospital CEO and five hospital managers in all fields are selected.

In her acceptance speech, Moon said, "I believe I have won this prize on behalf of the Haewon Medical Foundation and would like to share this pleasure with all of its employees. I have worked for Sejong Hospital as one of its founding members for the past 37 years during which I have become mature with the growth of the hospital. I believe that only the values that we put into practice will last and evolve as the genuine power of the Foundation. By bringing everyone together like glue at the center of the hospital administration and serving as a lubricant to help everything go smoothly, I myself will become a stepping stone for the Foundation to develop into a trusted and respected medical institution."

In order to practice the core value of putting 'patient safety' first, we will become a hospital that chooses a difficult way to keep the principle instead of an easy and comfortable way. We will also continue to tackle new challenges for the future healthcare system.