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Sejong Hospital, succeeded left ventricular assist device insertion for the first time as a general hospital!

  • Date : 2019-11-06
- Succeeded for the first time for a general hospital
- Patient was discharged in good health condition after successful operation in Aug.
- To be performed for patients who are waiting for heart transplantation or patients with late stage of heart failure for which heart transplantation is difficult

Sejong Hospital successfully completed the left ventricular assist device (artificial heart) insertion for patient with dilated cardiomyopathy on Aug. 21 (Wed.)
It is the first surgery of its kind in a general hospital and it opens the way to provide new life to patients who cannot receive heart transplantation operation.

Ventricular assist device is divided into device for right ventricle, left ventricle and both ventricles. The left ventricular assist device makes it possible to insert a pump into left ventricle and connect the pipe to aorta to send blood to the whole body. The device plays the role of weakened left ventricle function. The device used in this operation is Medtronic HVAD, which is the third-generation ventricular assist device.

If severe heart failure continues, blood circulation is reduced, resulting in reduced functions of other organs such as lung, liver and kidneys. It could threaten one’s life. At this stage, the alternative treatment is “ventricular assist device”. By inserting the device, cardiac function can be restored to the extent that heart transplantation is possible. It can be an alternative option to heart transplantation in case where heart transplantation is not possible due to age, pulmonary hypertension or cancer.

Lee Hee-moon, head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of Sejong Hospital said, “the left ventricular assist device insertion will be a hope for those who are waiting for heart transplantation surgery or those who cannot receive heart transplantation surgery due to age, or severe state of heart failure.”