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Mediplex Sejong Hospital, Designated as COVID-19 ‘Public Relief Hospital’ by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

  • Date : 2020-04-06
메디플렉스 세종병원은 원내/외 가장 안전한 시스템으로 환자들을 보호합니다.
Mediplex Sejong Hospital protects patients with the safest system in and outside of the hospital.

1. Separation of fever and respiratory disease patients from general outpatients
 - Patients can receive general outpatient care with relief as the patients with respiratory disease are separated and taken care in a separated place.

2. Operation of triage, separate clinic, clinic outside of the hospital 
 - General respiratory patients (adults and children) and patients who have traveled without symptoms can be treated safely.
3. Prohibition of visit
  - Visit is prohibited to make sure that patients can be hospitalized safely without being exposed to external infection.

4. Thorough hygiene management and prevention of epidemics
 - Patients and employees visiting the hospital can use hospital safely.

5. Blocking suspicious cases with thorough medical examination by interview
  - Access to the hospital is strictly restricted through preliminary body temperature measurement and overseas travel history check.

6. Access control to prevent infection in each ward
  - The safety of inpatients is ensured with access control system in and outside of the hospital.