• 2015~2017
  • April 11th GRAND OPEN opening ceremony
  • April 11th Exhibition ‘10 Masters of Korean Modern and Contemporary Art’ hosted, with Seoul Museum
  • April 10th Opening of the Hospital Gallery
  • March 02nd Commencement of medical examination and treatment of Mediplex Sejong Hospital
    (Gross floor area 38,738㎡, floors from B2~10th floor (including the funeral hall), 326 beds, 15 specialized centers, 19 departments)
  • March 02nd High precision Revolution CT 512-slide scanner induced
  • March 02nd First in Asia, induction of Connected care solution (Philips)
  • March 02nd Induction of 3Tesla MRI
  • March 02nd Mobile application(APP) ‘Smart Sejong Hospital” opened
  • March 02nd ‘Delivery workers Steps of Hope Campaign’ Medical Service work Support agreement signed with CJ Korea Express Coorporation
  • March 14th Homepage opened (http://www.mediplexsjh.co.kr)
  • March 09th Approval of medical institute establishment received
  • March 31st Construction of Mediplex Sejong Hospital completed
  • March 02nd Teaser website opened (http://www.sejongh.co.kr/mediplex/)
  • June 09th Topping Out ceremony carried out
  • April 30th Ground-breaking ceremony of Mediplex Sejong Hospital (Gyeyangu, Incheon)