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Sejong Hospital receives the Gyeonggi Governor's Award for contribution to spreading the culture of sharing

  • Date : 2020-12-11

Sejong Hospital received a commendation from the Governor of Gyeonggi Province on the 26th (Thursday) for contributing to the spread of a culture of sharing in daily life by taking the initiative in creating a community that lives in harmony with neighbors.

Due to covid-19, an award ceremony was held at the Sosabon-dong Administrative Welfare Center, attended by key officials including Kyo-hoon Shin, Sejong Hospital Vice President for Administrative Support, and Jeong-hoon Lee, Director of Sosabon Dong Office.

As a member of the local community of Bucheon City beyond Sosabon-dong, Sejong Hospital leads campaigns of sharing Kimchi of love, giving money in donations to help neighbors in need at Sosabon-dong and to the Community Security Council, and doing various activities such as the Sejong Volunteer Corps to put into practice its core values of commitment and collaboration every year.

Sejong Hospital will continue to do our best to continue activities of sharing for our neighbors through programs partnering with various institutions.