Prevention and diagnosis at the same time with genome analysis!

The Center for Precision Medicine predicts diseases and provides personalized treatment through precision medicine.

Breast and Thyroid Center provides diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and anticancer therapy for breast- and thyroid-related disease and cancer which rank high among female patients.

Precision medicine refers to medical care that brings the best treatment to each patient by analyzing each patient’s genome information, environmental factors, lifestyles of each patient at the molecular level. The goal of the center is to have a preventive approach through a patient’s genetic predisposition and lifestyle modification strategies before a symptom appears or worsens.

Treatment for high-risk pregnancy and adults with congenital cardiac disease
  • As it provides treatment for high-risk mothers (pregnancy of those who have difficulty conceiving or heart diseases) and adults with congenital heart disease, the Sejong Hospital can play a role as a compass for disease prediction and life-long health care of the individual patient through precision analysis.

Precision medicine enables early treatment that predicts diseases through genetic testing
  • Without NGS equipment or relevant devices, results can be obtained only from a blood test. For infants, we gather genes from oral mucosa to proceed with the process. Patients of all ages who may have genes for rare or hereditary disease, familial cancer or adult disease, growth or developmental delay of unknown cause, deformity, or chronic symptoms can have genetic counseling.

Areas for Precision Medicine
  • Complicated congenital heart disorder.
  • Familial Cancer.
  • High-Risk Pregnancy.
  • Genetic evaluation for delayed development of unknown origin, seizure, etc.
  • Follow-up treatment for patients with the rare or hereditary diseases who are diagnosed from other hospitals.

Now is the time for “Precision Medicine,” and “Tailored Treatment
  • Development in advanced medical care and technology opens a new era of personalized healthcare we’ve never experienced before. Major developed countries have already made a huge investment in this field as a future strategy. The Sejong Hospital, which specializes in cardiology, will do its utmost to find a plan for precision medicine to provide more patient-centered medical care for those with heart diseases.