Sejong Hospital performed heart transplantation in the 1990s when the surgery was its early stage for the third time in Korea (for the first time as a private hospital)

The Cardiac Transplantation Center provides safe and systemic specialized medical care for patients with end-stage heart failure who need heart transplantation

Cardiac Transplantation
  • Cardiac transplantation is the replacement of the diseased heart of a terminally-ill patient who has no other treatment options left with a heart from a healthy organ donor.
  • Heart transplantation is for every patient whose symptoms are no longer expected to be recovered with any medical or surgical treatment. In Korea, approximately 70% of adult patients have a myocardial disease and less than 10% have coronary artery disease. In children, the main causes are congenital heart malformation and heart muscle diseases.

Notes for outpatients after discharge
  • Make sure to visit the hospital before you run out of medication.
  • Be sure to take medication whose levels should be measured in the blood (Tacrolimus, Certican, etc.) with you on the day of blood collection, and take the medicine after blood collection.
  • Bring self-recorded data (blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc.).