Minimal invasion, multi-disciplinary comprehensive treatment… No.1 'Heart Treatment' Cardiovascular Center

The Cardiovascular Center of Incheon Sejong Hospital, which succeeded to the fame and outcomes of Sejong Hospital, the only heart-specialized hospital in Korea which has lead the field of cardiovascular diseases, the first to success in open heart surgery among private hospitals in 1983, the first to proceed heart transplant among private hospitals, numbering a total of 400,000 cardiovascular patient treatments every year, provides specialized and comprehensive treatments for early diagnosis as well as a more successful treatment.

Cardiovascular center clinic
  • Peripheral vascular clinic, heart failure clinic, arrhythmia clinic, etc.
Active teamwork

Because urgent patients are common in the field of cardiovascular diseases, and immediate consulting among the departments other than cardiology and thoracic surgery is also important and frequently required during surgeries, the teamwork between staff members is extremely important. In order to construct an environment apt for consultations mentoring program and conferences are held to set up treatment plans, for predecessors and junior medical staff, through an at-all-times mentor-mentee structure formed between members and also to practice procedures together, thus forming a natural passing-down of skills, along with mutual trust and cooperative relationships. By sharing treatment plans and outcomes of specific patients through academic conferences held almost daily by each department or joint conferences between departments such as thoracic surgery, cardiology, pediatric, radiology, anesthesiology and pain medicine, we try our best to better the quality of medical service. Comprehensive cardiac care to search for accurate ways of treatment Derived from the experience and background of above mentoring and conference programs, we perform a comprehensive cardiac care of multi-disciplinary approach. The system consists of staff members from cardiology, thoracic surgery, radiology, anesthesiology and pain medicine and the patient gathering in one place at one time and discussing methods of treatment, and the patient will choose their choice of treatment method.

Departments of Cardiovascular Center

Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery

Structure of Cardiovascular Center
Infrastructure ideal for treatment of cardiovascular diseases

With its background from the last 36 years of cardiovascular specialized treatments of Sejong Hospital induced with state-of-the-art infrastructure, we unsparingly invested in bringing this ideal treatment system together with a board of staff composed of the nation's best, as well as specialists and technicians experienced with medical and clinical research at Sejong Hospital.

Induction of the World cutting-edge technology: da Vinci si surgical system

Minimal invasive procedures are possible, either endoscopic or robotic, with the induction of the World cutting-edge technology da Vinci si robot, which is unique in Korea, available in 2~3 university hospitals. Also, being equipped with a Hybrid operation room of nation's best level that allows diagnosis and performance of both internal procedures and surgeries at one spot, we are always prepared to perform not only traditional surgical treatments but minimal invasive surgeries and laparoscopic procedures, treatments requiring a mingle of procedures and surgeries, to a wide and versatile range of conditions varying from coronary arterial diseases to valvular diseases, heart failure, arrhythmia and peripheral vascular diseases.

One-stop system for examination, diagnosis and outcome all in a day! This is how a typical visit at the Cardiovascular center will go.

Within 1hr30min~ 3hrs of Visiting Day

  • Explanation

  • Blood test

  • Heart-related

  • Result check

    • organize Treatment Plan

    • Treat

    • (when choice of methods are vague)Patient and Staff Comprehensive Care

    • Treat

Heart-related tests : CT, Exercise Stress Test, Echocardiography, etc

The Cardiovascular Center is prepared with a prompt system in liaison not only between the first set of tests( X-ray, EKG) and the second set of tests( echocardiography, Exercise stress test, blood test), but also with the 24-hour Cardiovascular Emergency Center, in order to be able to perform intervention and surgery if needed, all within the day of visit and diagnosis. Also, two staff from the department of Thoracic Surgery and Cardiology care for the patients, while residing 24 hours, all 365 days.

Specialized treatment infrastructure with concentrated related facilities

Cardiovascular diseases require quite a list of tests and not only the basics, so intensive observations from various aspects are needed. For this purpose, the Special Tests center is located right beside the Cardiovascular center for minimization of the flow of human traffic and reduction of the awaiting time to take tests, in order to hasten the overall time taken for the testing process. To enhance the flow of human traffic and a focused care and shorten, the operation room, cardiovascular angiography laboratory, intensive care unit have all been located in one place, at the 5th floor. The infection control system has been enforced with the clean and dirty zones of the operation room and cardiovascular angiography laboratory both being thoroughly separated, and installment of a newly presented negative pressure isolation compartment in the Intensive Unit Care.

A multi-angle management through consulting with other centers

Total care service is provided through consulting with the Cerebrovascular center, Internal Medicine/Surgical center, Pediatric center and Rehabilitation Medicine center, to treat other existing conditions that the patients may have(other than cardiovascular diseases), for those with circumstances that don't enable a comfortable treatment in the general hospital. In this way patients with multiple conditions other than a cardiovascular disease can receive specialized treatment with a short flow of human traffic and convenience.