• Chairman's Message

이사장 사진
A society free from vascular disease, a society where everyone is healthy!This is the goal and the way forward for Hyewon Medical Foundation.

Cerebrovascular disease has been proven to be one of the two leading causes of death in Korea, and the number of patients is increasing every year due to rapid aging in the population, an increase in underlying diseases, and westernized eating habits. In this context, the role of medical institutions with professional systems and professional medical services becomes more important.

Sejong Hospital of Hyewon Medical Foundation is designated as the only cardiology hospital in Korea by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It plays a leading role in the cardiac field. Mediplex Sejong Hospital also provides medical services specialized for cardiovascular diseases through the cardiovascular center. In addition, we provide medical services suitable for rehabilitation and geriatric disease treatment through consignment operations of Sejong Senior Hospital for the Elderly and Hospital for Senior Citizens of Bucheon City.

In the future, the Hyewon Medical Foundation will continue progress for medical research and clinical trials, and will continue to develop better systems to improve the quality of medical services. We will do our best to get beyond not only the cardiac field, but cardiovascular center in Asia.

Hyewon Medical Foundation Chairman, Park Jin SikPark Jin Sik