• Greetings of Hospital Director

인천세종병원 이사장 박진식

Thank you for your support and interest to Incheon Sejong Hospital
Incheon Sejong Hospital was opened successfully under expect of residents and medical society on March 2, 2017.

After opening, it raises its status as a trusted local base hospital and special hospital through specialty reinforcement by centers and association with other medical institutes and local communities as well as continuous improvement of healthcare quality and services including patient safety.

In addition, we seek advance to foreign medical markets as well as foreigner medical consultation in Korea actively, taking cooperation with other foreign countries as an opportunity. By 2020, it will jump up to ‘The Best Cardio-cerebrovascular center in Asia’, which is the vision of this hospital and a global medical center encompassing domestic and foreign hospitals.

This Incheon Sejong will be ‘a hospital providing fast, convenient, and best medical services’, ‘a hospital trusted by customers’, and ‘a hospital providing patient centered medical service’, by realizing 4 key values such as Care, Collaboration, Challenge and Commitment and 3 goals including the ‘best’, ‘fast’, and ‘Trust’.

We expect your continuous interest and support.

Director of Incheon Sejong Hospital Oh, Byeong-HeeOh, Byeong-Hee