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For a world without heart disease!

In the 1980s, when Sejong Hospital was founded, it was difficult to succeed in open heart surgery even in university hospitals. Under this internal and external situation, Chairman Park Young Kwan of the Hyewon Medical Foundation, who was a thoracic surgeon at the time, pointed out that many children with congenital heart disease were unable to get treatment on time because of financial difficulty. In 1982 when there was no resource for cardiac disease treatment, Hyewon Medical Foundation was established in Sosa-gu,Bucheon-si, with the spirit of 'For a world without heart disease’

Since its establishment, it has been conducting clinical trials and research, implementing a systematic cardiac care system, and investing in facilities.

Korea's first artificial heart was developed and survived for 46 days after transplantation into a calf. With success in heart transplants, for creating the Korean record for performing 20,000 cardiac surgeries in the shortest time, and for medical technology development through heart autopsies, the research of Sejong Hospital and clinic developments are confident of a great contribution made to the development of heart medical history in Korea.

Hyewon Medical Foundation has taken a new step to meet another future without resting on these past achievements. Based on the know-how and infrastructure of Sejong Medical Center, we opened Mediplex Sejong Hospital in 2016.

Hyewon Medical Foundation is a clinic that treats an ever-increasing number of cardiovascular diseases as well as geriatric diseases. We will provide quality medical services based on the medical grounds and lead the "healthy and happy future."

There is a Sejong Hospital group near you, creating a ‘Healthy and happy future.’