Patient Safety is the Priority! Infectious Disease Center.

New infections and medical-related infections are a major area of concern for patient safety and life.Incheon Sejong Hospital is a control tower centered around its director Chinhak Chun, a renowned world-class specialist who stands at the forefront of infection control and patient safety in all parts of the hospital.

Major treatment areas of Infectious Disease Center
  • Multidrug-resistant bacteria infections
  • Infectious diseases that are difficult to diagnose
  • Seasonal Infections
  • New infectious diseases
  • Pandemic Infections
  • Severe medical infections (Bloodstream infection, surgical site infection, respiratory infection, urethral infection)
Korea's leading experts in infection / patient safety

Along with Chinhak Chun, the center director and world-renowned specialist of infection control and patient safety, who has been advising patients
from all over the world for over a decade, there are three infectious disease management nurses in residence, as well as a respiratory specialist, and
a microbiological diagnosis specialist. We strive to prevent and manage infection.

Full care integrated system of infectious disease

Incheon Sejong Hospital Infection Center has established a Sejong Hotline for immediate response when suspicious symptoms of infectious
diseases occur, and specialized medical staffs are always on standby. In addition, depending on the severity of the disease, follow-up and post-
admission therapy work jointly to ensure that early treatment, the most important element of infectious disease, is taken care of.

Always available for 365 days!
  • Hotline

  • Professional Consultation

Full care service

According to seriousness

When infectious disease is determined

  • Outpatient Clinic

  • Diagnosis / Examination

  • Outpatient Clinic Tracking

    Post-hospital Treatment

A hospital designed to set patient safety as its top priority, building the best infrastructure

Incheon Sejong Hospital has made infection management and patient safety a top priority from the design stage.
You can be more confident in your care because of our infection control system that focuses on patient safety for all emergency, critical, ward, and
outpatient clients.

  • largest total number of positive/negative pressure beds compared to total beds in Korea
  • The introduction of an all-room system that is completely blocked from outside
  • Reflecting the design of the clean zone/contamination zone separation system for infection control
  • Prevention of infection and comfort improvement by designing all beds with standard beds (four-ppl room)
  • Construction of first and second sorting bases to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • Minimizing hospital infection by clearly distinguishing between hospitalized and outpatient patients
  • Sort classification operation

  • Positive / Negative pressure room

  • All beds standard room (4 people)

  • All-room system construction

What is a positive/negative pressure bed? A special ward that blocks the spread of pathogens inside the hospital by adjusting the pressure inside the ward