Cardiac rehabilitation programs are becoming more important today.

In the case of cardiac rehabilitation, it is possible to maximize the effectiveness of treatment more effectively if the patient is willing and actively participates and if treatment is systematically conducted at a cardiac specialist hospital. In particular, Bucheon Sejong Medical Center has a specialist in sports medicine and a clinic exercise prescriber (ACSM-CES), to tailor treatment to individual characteristics, establish treatment plans, and prescribe optimal exercise.

Heart rehabilitation program

It is a personalized rehabilitation program that evaluates cardiorespiratory stress tests on patients who have undergone cardiac rehabilitation, evaluates their current athletic ability, and carries out treatment accordingly. It helps to optimally regain and maintain cardio-motor status in the shortest period of time.

Program Target
  • Patients with heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, etc.)
  • Patients undergoing cardiac procedures and surgery (stenting, coronary artery transplant surgery, valve surgery, etc.)
  • People with risk factors for heart disease (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, smoking, etc.)
  • Patients who cannot exercise properly due to nerve and musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction
Heart rehabilitation program
  • Increases recovery speed, reduces recurrence, and prevents clogging blood vessels from arterial stiffness, even if recurred. (Studies show that cardiac rehabilitation lowers mortality and lengthens lifespan.)
  • In the case of hypertension and diabetes, it facilitates treatment and reduces the incidence of complications.
  • Breathing difficulty and fatigue are significantly reduced.
  • Includes cardiopulmonary function to improve your athletic ability and above all to help you develop vitality and confidence.