‘Beyond Korea, To the World

the International Medical Center of Sejong Hospital first found place in 2009, the same year in which inducing patients from foreign countries officially began, and around 15,200 patients have visited since then. We have a One-Stop System, for foreigners not only within Korea but for those who come from abroad in order to receive healthcare, that enables all procedures to be completed within a week’s time, to minimize the time for recovery after procedures and surgeries as well as days spent in Korea.
Main Nationalities – Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, the United States of America.

Main Services
  • Most uited healthcare services for foreign patients, as well as residing medical stuff capable of communication.
  • Full care service with a residing team of coordinating manager, Korean marketer and translators.
  • The first exclusive ward only for foreign patients with a capacity of 300 pyung (roughly 660m²) in Korea.
  • Translation services throughout the process, from immigration to discharge, and pick up service provided, free of charge.