Diagnosis and treatment of breast and thyroid with one-stop care and multidisciplinary cooperative system

Breast and Thyroid Center provides diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and anticancer therapy for breast- and thyroid-related disease and cancer which rank high among female patients.

The center works with breast and thyroid experts who have rich clinical experience with about 600 cases in Mammotome excision, 500 cases of thyroid cancer surgery, and 300 cases of breast cancer surgery, and the center provides accurate diagnosis and proper treatment through in-depth medical checkups for patients suspected of having cancer.

Fast track to surgery with a one-stop system!
  • In order for the convenience of patients, treatment, tests, and biopsy are performed on the same day of a hospital visit, which enables rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment. In addition, when a patient is confirmed with cancer, the treatment including surgery is completed within one week of diagnosis.

Endoscopic surgical operation and breast reconstruction for improving quality of life
  • As the survival rates for breast and thyroid cancer are getting high, we make our utmost effort to improve the quality of life after the surgery. For thyroid cancer, the center provides different endoscopic operations such as transaxillary approach and bilateral axillo-breast approach depending on the patient’s condition in order to minimize the scar on the patient’s neck as it can be a problem. For breast cancer, breast reconstruction surgery is immediately performed when total mastectomy is necessary.

  • Transaxillary approach: an approach to the thyroid by making a 4cm excision in the armpit area.
  • Bilateral axillo-breast approach: an approach to the thyroid by making a less than 1cm excision in both areolas and axillar.
  • Breast reconstruction surgery: recreate breasts after a mastectomy with synthetic breast implants or autologous tissue.

Established a collaborative system in medical care to guarantee the best results
  • The center has established a systematic multidisciplinary medical care service with radiology, pathology, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, rehabilitation medicine dept., etc., in addition to surgery, in order to provide a wide variety of treatment to patients, guaranteeing the best results.

Providing patient-oriented medical care Service
  • With prompt examination and treatment, the Breast and Thyroid Center relieves the patients’ anxiety and provides sufficient consultation and detailed information about the disease. The center is committed to not only improving patients’ quality of life by performing the latest and accurate surgery but pursuing high survival rates. Also, the center tries to scrutinizingly track and monitor the patient’s condition after the surgery to prevent any recurrence or metastasis of the disease, and even manage the patients’ eating and living habits, improving their satisfaction with our service.