Opened Incheon’s first Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center

In recent years, as an alternative approach to severe blood shortages and side effects of blood transfusion, there has been an increasing social interest in transfusion replacement treatment, and its meaning has become significant. And to solve the blood shortage and put patient safety as the top priority.

Incheon Sejong Hospital established the first Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center in Incheon, providing treatments that respect the beliefs of patients including their religious reasons.

What is bloodless medicine and surgery?
  • Bloodless medicine and surgery are an advanced medical approach to provide quality treatment (transfusion replacement treatment) and surgery through various medications, surgical treatment, and techniques without the use of others’ blood or blood products. In particular, this cutting-edge medical technique results in minimized blood loss before, during, and after surgery, and maximized blood production in the patient’s body.
  • Bloodless medicine is a safe treatment option for anyone, especially those who do not accept transfusions for religious beliefs, and highly trained and experienced experts provide bloodless medicine and services, respecting individual choice.

How to use Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center
  • Patients who do not want blood transfusion for safety concerns related to infections or for religious reasons can have counseling and help through the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center for treatment and hospitalization.