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Sejong Hospital earns Grade A for 2 consecutive years in the performance evaluation of integrated nursing-care services

  • Date : 2020-12-11

On the 10th (Tuesday), Sejong Hospital acquired the highest grade A in the performance evaluation of integrated nursing-care services administered by the National Health Insurance Corporation (the NHIC) for the second year following 2019.

The integrated nursing-care service is a system in which professional nursing personnel is available in the ward 24 hours a day without a guardian or caregiver to help patients recover. Introduced first last year, the evaluation aims at promoting participation in the integrated nursing-care service program and improving the quality of hospitalization services.

Bucheon Sejong Hospital obtained Grade A by receiving high scores in most of the five evaluation areas such as sufficiency of submitted data, the participation rate in integrated nursing-care service, the degree of support for improving the treatment of nursing personnel, the rate of direct employment of full-time and supporting nursing personnel, and the rate of compliance with the personnel placement standards and timely reporting on a regular basis.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that nursing professionals provide high-quality services and build a safe ward environment to create a more trusted hospital that satisfies both nursing personnel and patients.