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Incheon Sejong Hospital successfully held the event to celebrate the 1,000th cardiac surgery

  • Date : 2023-04-21
▲ Patient A who received the 1,000th cardiac surgery and was invited to the celebration event was posing for pictures with Dr. Lee Yeong-tak, the chief of the Dept. of Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery in charge of the 1,000th surgery

Incheon Sejong Hospital (Director: Park Jin-sik) has reached the milestone of 1,000 cardiac surgeries.
Incheon Sejong Hospital has proved itself to be the leading cardio-cerebrovascular general hospital in the Incheon region, as it obtained Grade 1 in the Adequacy Assessment for cardiac surgery every year and recorded the highest number of heart surgeries in the region last year. 
Incheon Sejong Hospital held a ceremony to celebrate “the achievement of 1,000 heart surgeries” at the Vision Hall on March 29(Wed) with the participation of medical staff, patients and their families
Starting from a patient who suffered from angina in December 2017, the first year it was opened, to the coronary artery bypass grafting surgery performed in February this year, Incheon Sejong Hospital has recorded 1,000 cumulative cases of performing cardiac surgeries in just six years since its opening.
In addition, Incheon Sejong Hospital performed the highest number of surgery cases among general hospitals in the Incheon region as it operated 237th surgeries last year amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
The director Park Jin-sik of Incheon Sejong Hospital said, “Achieving 1,000 cases of heart surgeries in such a short period of time can be translated that the hospital saved such many precious lives, which is a great accomplishment in itself,” and he encouraged those attended the event by saying, “This is a glimpse of how hard the medical staff has worked in this field. I want to give them a big applause and also support their noble passion that will continue in the future.”
Oh Byeong-hee, the director of Incheon Sejong Hospital, stated that “Just a few years ago, many patients went to hospitals in other regions to receive heart surgery, but these days, people from other regions come to Incheon Sejong Hospital for cardiac surgery. As Incheon Sejong Hospital achieved 1,000 cases of heart surgery in a short period of time in the Incheon region, I can proudly say that we have become the leading hospital for heart surgery in the region.”
Patient A, who received the 1,000th heart surgery and attended the ceremony, said, “I was discouraged because I couldn’t receive the surgery at other university hospitals, but after I moved to this hospital, I received the surgery, and finally, I’m here to celebrate this event. It’s like a dream.” He added, “I once again thank the medical staff at Incheon Sejong Hospital for restoring my health, and I hope other patients with heart disease like me will never give up and hope for a healthy future here in this hospital.”