Hospital Introduction

For 36 years since its opening in 1982, Sejong Hospital has kept its renown as the leading heart specialty general hospital of the nation. Even at the era of its opening, it took many processes and quite a long time in many university hospitals, until specialty doctors could finally look at the emergency heart patients who have arrived. Sejong Hospital revealed an epochal diagnosis and treatment system that changed the whole paradigm forever.

In order to provide appropriate and fast treatment, specialty doctors of Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine always reside to form an ‘Emergency Heart Team’, 24 hours and 365 days, to operate the ‘24-hour Cardiovascular Emergency Center system’ in case of emergency situations of patients with cardiovascular diseases, in which every fraction of a second may count. The system is such that as soon as an emergency break-out calls, rapid response and treatment by the Emergency Heart Team (cardiology specialists included) can be operated on the patient, at the same time. Emergency surgeries can be performed without hesitation when required, with specialty doctors from the Department of Thoracic Surgery residing in-hospital. The consultation system of Sejong Hospital among departments and the ‘Heart Specialist Residing in Hospital 24-hours’ system are currently benchmarked by many cardiovascular centers.

Despite it being a private hospital, an abundance of cardiac surgery performances competent more than enough to compare with those of a university hospital has been accumulated over the years, with the advanced Emergency Cardiac Treatment System of Sejong Hospital and excellent medical staff.

  • Ranked 1st (97.8%) in an assessment of cardiac surgery success rates in 61 hospitals of The Korea Heart Foundation (2001~2004) (Seoul National University Hospital: 97.7%, Samsung Medical Center: 97.0%)
  • Ranked 2nd as ‘Hospital with the lowest rate of death caused by Acute Myocardial Infarction’ out of 77 hospitals, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, 2005.
  • Ranked 3rd as ‘Hospital that heart diseases patients head to the most’, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, December of 2011.
  • Rated ‘1st Class Hospital for Acute Myocardial Infarction’, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, December of 2013 Rated ‘1st Class Hospital for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft’, for 7 consecutive years, declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, March of 2016

Since its initial designation in 1989 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to be a special diagnosis and treatment institution for heart disorders, it has continued to be so today through the years, after 2005, 2008, and 2011, as the only heart specialty hospital in the Republic of Korea. In November 2011, the hospital was approved as a heart specialty hospital that provides a high level of medical service and safety with international standards by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations(Joint Commission International, JCI).

Optimal Infrastructure for Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

A total of 37 heart specialists (20 from Cardiology, 10 from Thoracic Surgery, 7 from Pediatrics) operate on clinical treatments of patients and fundamental medical research of heart disorders in children and adults, and also perform not only internal drug treatments, interventional procedures, surgical procedures for congenital and acquired heart disorders but heart transplant surgeries as well, the ultimate treatment for end stage heart disorders.

Favorable outcomes are being gained since the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s approval as a Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) operating institution after carrying out a Comprehensive Cardiac Care in June 2015 for the first time in Korea. The Comprehensive Cardiac Care is a developed country type consultation system that consists of medical staff from departments of cardiology, thoracic surgery, radiology, anesthesiology and pain medicine and others, gathering together at one time to diagnose and treat the patient to decide on the most appropriate method of treatment for the patient with heart conditions. A Non Stop system that allows incredible reduction of time taken for treatment from diagnosis to surgery, within 1~2 weeks after initial OPD examination.

Although Sejong Hospital has steadily performed surgeries through the years, such as operating a heart transplantation in 1990(for the 1st time among private hospitals and 3rd time nationwide), the practice was discontinued for while due to multiple reasons. Since then, in order to provide a more professional medical service for patients in need of heart transplantation surgeries, the Center in charge for Organ Transplantation was opened, in January 2015, and thus the 2nd chapter of Heart Transplantation Surgery was renewed.

A Comprehensive Consulting System in the Cerebrovascular field

In our hospital, the Cerebral Strokes consulting system among Neurology, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine and Cardiology is enforced, and Cerebral Stroke Concentrated Treatment Room is operated, with a specialty nurse in charge residing 24-hours. Through this, not only are we enabled to provide optimum medical service to stroke patients, but also arrange a fast treatment system for cerebrovascular treatments (following the cardiac field), exhibiting a more precise and safe medical skills.

  • 2010 December ’Acute Cerebral Stroke Institution Ranking of Most Excellence’ acquired, stated by Health Insurance Review and Assessment.
  • 2011 December Rated 1st Class on ‘Use of Antibiotics in Brain Surgery Aptitude Assessment’ stated by Health Insurance Review and Assessment.
  • 2015 June Appointed ‘Endovascular Neurosurgery Accredited Institution’ by Society of Korean Endovascular Neurosurgeons
  • 2015 November Rated 1st Class on '2015 Acute Cerebral Stroke Aptitude Assessment', by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service

Major Surgical Outcomes (2017 December cumulative standard)

Heart Surgeries (Open heart, Closed heart) 30,196 cases
Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention Procedures 79,196 cases
Echocardiography performed 388,129 cases
Bloodless Surgery 964 cases

Cardiovascular Angiography: Examination to check for blockages or narrow areas in the Coronary Artery. Intervention Procedures: Inserting a balloon or a stent(metal nets) where it is examined to be narrow or blocked in the Coronary Artery, to expand the area, through the artery in arms·legs. Treatment that unblocks blood vessels by actually reaching the heart


  • July 24 Sejong Hospital, VUNO and Philips Korea signed an R&D contract for artificial intelligence prediction algorithm utilizing vital signs.
  • July 16 Opened integrated nursing and care service ward on the 7th floor after hospital refurbishments
  • July 9 Signed an MOU with Sejong Hospital, Global Children’s Heart Network and Hebron Medical Center in Cambodia
  • June 28 Opened Rehabilitation Treatment Center after remodeling )
  • June 21 Held 3-Day Seminar and APCIS 2018 (ASEA-Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention Symposium)
  • May 31 Acquired Acute Stroke Appropriateness of assessment Level 1, for 3 consecutive times (Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service)
  • May 25 Sejong Hospital, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province, and Khabarovsk City, Russia, ‘Free Reconvention for Children Heart Disease’
  • May 21 Biomatrix Technology, Development of a Research Convention for Predicting Cardiovascular Disease
  • April 11 Publication ceremony of 《Dreaming of a World with No heart Disease》 by Dr. Park Yeong-gwan, chairman of the Sejong Hospital of the Hyewon Medical Foundation
  • March 16 signed MOU for the international cardio-cerebrovascular hospital in partnership between Korea and China (Sun Yat Sen Hospital, Shenzhen, China)
  • March 15 Designated as a leading hospital for comprehensive nursing services for three consecutive years (National Health Insurance Service)
  • March 8 succeeded heart transplantation of longest distance (600km) for the first time in Korea
  • March 2 Opened departments newly (department of allergy and clinical immunology and department of dermatology)
  • February 26 remodeling Health Improvement Center completed
  • February 26 Concluded a mutual contract on medical support and exchange with Angola embassy of Africa
  • January 31 Emergency medical institute was selected as ‘the best hospital’ for 6 consecutive years (Ministry of Health and Welfare’
  • January 2 Assigned as special heart surgery hospital for 3 consecutive years (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
  • December 28 Conducted access control of all wards
  • December 26 Succeeded in artificial vessel replacement of 92 year old patient with acute aortic dissection in department of cardiothoracic surgery
  • December 12 Selected as Grade 1 in coronary artery bypass surgery 4 times consecutively for the first time as a general hospital
  • December 11 Concluded a business agreement contract with Sharjah investment and development authority, UAE
  • November 22 Sejong hospital X Kwangmyeong si, a medical support project for children with heart disease in Liaocheng-si, China
  • November 14 Obtained JCI International Certification 3 times consecutively for the first time as a hospital specialized in heart disease (Oct 25, 2017 ~ Oct 27, 2020)
  • September 13 Renewal open of multiliqual- Russian homepage of Sejong Hospital Group
  • September 8 Succeed heart surgery with 3D endoscope for the first time in Korea
  • September 1 The 35th anniversary of Sejong Hospital
  • August 2 Sejong Hospital obtained the secondary accreditation medical institute from the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • July 27 Renewal open of multiliqual- English homepage of Sejong Hospital Group
  • June 20 Obtain Grade 1 in evaluation of pneumonia relevance 2 years in a row (Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)
  • June 14 Publish a book, ‘Knowing Heart Disease Right’ by Sejong Hospital Group
  • May 25 Held 3-Day Seminar and APCIS 2017 (ASEA-Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention Symposium)
  • May 17 Initiate operation of state of the art 3.0 Tesla MRI in Sejong Hospital in full scale
  • May 16 Renewal Open of ‘Smart Sejong Hospital’ 2.0 as an application for smart use of the hospital
  • May 15 Renewal Open of intensive care unit, Sejong Hospital,
  • April 3 ‘Best Hospital for 5 Consecutive Years’ on evaluation of Emergency Medical Institutes, declared by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • March 30 Heart Surgery performed with robot ‘Da Vinci Si’ successful (First from Bucheon district)
  • February 24 World class state-of-the-art surgical robot 'Da Vinci Si' induced (First among specialty hospitals, first from Bucheon district)
  • February 8 Overseas Medical Services 1400th event held
  • February 1 Chronis Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Aptitude evaluation ranked 1st Class for 2 consecutive years
  • January 11 Institute operating Medical Service support for foreign workers and the neglected class for 4 consecutive years
  • December 31 Appreciation Plaque awarded for Distinguished Services in response to MERS endemic, by governor of Gyeonggi-do
  • December 19 Letter of Appreciation awarded for acknowledgement of merit for Student Health Promotion (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education)
  • December 01 First Non-Suture Aortic Valve Replacement surgery with health insurance cover successful
  • November 22 Mobile application ‘Smart Escort’ opened
  • October 17 First publication of Supports Newsletter 《Love yes Hope yes》 issued
  • October 10 Accreditation of Excellent Endoscopy Room for 2 consecutive times (Korean Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Research Foundation · Korean Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy)
  • October 01 Sejong Hospital New HI induced
  • October 01 Sejong Volunteer Workers Group Organization ceremony
  • September 30 Sejong Hospital new HI application Unveiling ceremony held
  • September 27 ‘Songdo Specialty Hospital Multicomplex’ establishing investment agreement signed (Sejong Hospital, Hangil Eye Hospital, Daiin Otorhinolaryngology Hospital, Yeson Hospital, New Korea Hospital-4 Specialty Hospitals, 1 general hospital)
  • September 01 The 6th Chief of Sejong Medical Research Yong Jin Kim takes office
  • September 01 Entrusted management of Bucheon Geriatric Hospital and Elders’ Welfare Institutions
  • August 17 2016 Korea Healthcare awarded in the [hospital category]
  • July 15 Accredited Cardiovascular Intervention Procedures for 2 consecutive years
  • June 09 Mediplex Sejong Hospital Topping Out Ceremony held
  • June 03 MOU signed with Children’s hospital Los Angeles
  • June 02 Held 3-Day Seminar and APCIS 2016 (ASEA-Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention Symposium)
  • April 29 ‘Grand Prize’ awarded in Global Heart Specialty Hospital category, Medical Asia 2016
  • March 04 Honorary Ambassadors of Sejong Hospital appointed (Korean singer Dia, Oriental artist Byungkuk Choi, Baritone Dongil Jang, Mezzo-Soprano Hyunseon Shin)
  • March 01 The 6th Director of Hospital Myung Muk Lee takes office
  • January 25 Selection of Bucheon Geriatric Hospital and Elders’ Welfare Institution Consignee reentrustment
  • January 21 Rated 1st Class on Pneumonia Aptitude Assessment by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
  • January 04 Rated 1st Class for Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disorder Aptitude Assessment by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
  • November 18th Rated 1st Class and selected Best Medical Institute on '2015 Acute Cerebral Stroke Aptitude Assessment', by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
  • October 01st Sejong Volunteer Workers Group Organization Ceremony
  • September 02nd Awarded the Chairman of National Health and Welfare Committee Award at '2015 Republic of Korea Health and Medicine'
  • August 28th Nursing Volunteer Workers Group Organization Ceremony
  • August 19th Acquired 1st Class for ‘2014 Preventative Antibiotics Usage Evaluation Outcomes’ by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service,
  • June 30th Approvement of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) operating institution by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • June 19th Appointed ‘Endovascular Neurosurgery Accredited Institution’ by Society of Korean Endovascular Neurosurgeons
  • June 19th First to operate Comprehensive Cardiac Care in Korea
  • June 12th Selected ‘The People’s Hospital of Relief’ by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • May 21st First in country to operate Surgery on the oldest patient to receive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (91 years and 9 months)
  • May 13th 'Department of Laboratory Medicine Excellent Laboratory' accreditation acquired, by Korean Foundation of Laboratory Medicine,
  • April 30th Ground Breaking Ceremony of 'Mediplex Sejong Hospital’ (Gyeyangu, Incheon)
  • April 09th Official Commendation of Prime Minster Award at ‘2015 Bio·Medical Korea’
  • January 26th Chief Director and Chairman of Hospital Jin Sik Park awarded Official Commendation by Governor of Gyeonggi-do for Meritorious International Medical Work
  • December 13th ‘The 4th Sejong Cardiovascular Seminar for Doctors Opening private hospitals’ held
  • December 11th ‘Most Excellent Prize’ Awarded for ‘2014 Korea Medical Tourism Excellent Service Contest Exhibition by Korea Tourism Organization
  • November 21st APCIS 2014 (Asia∙Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention Symposium) hosted
  • November 20th Woochon-Sejong Combined Cardiovascular Symposium(WSJCC 2014) hosted
  • November 19th Congenital Heart Diseases 3-DAY Seminar held
  • October 25th Acquired Re-Accredition in all areas of JCI for 2 consecutive years
  • October 23rd MOU signed with Mongolian Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • October 07th Acquired 1st Class on ‘2014 Drug Payment Aptitude Assessment’, by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
  • October 02nd Chairman Young Gwan Park appointed ‘100 People of Bucheon to Be Proud of’
  • October 01st ‘New Korea Sejong Cooperative Cardiovascular Center’ formed
  • September 29th Selected ‘Excellent Institution of Medical Tourism Attraction’ by Ministry of Justice
  • September 15th ‘Yaho Service’ (Cardiology Nighttime Medical Service) expansion
  • September 03rd The 3rd Symposium for Structuring of Emergency Cardio-cerebrovascular disease patient treatment system and Development of Local Community Emergency Medical System
  • September 01st Ceremony of 32nd anniversary of hospital, Expansion of Cerebrovascular Center
  • August 11th ‘Peripheral Vascular Clinic’ opened in Department of Cardiology
  • June 30th Convention signed with Incheon Independent Taxi Association as designated medical institute
  • June 27th Convention signed with Chungcheong Forum West Gyeonggi-do as designated medical institution
  • June 03rd Rated 1st Class Medical Institution on ‘Acute Cerebral Strokes Evaluation of 2014’, by Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
  • May 28th Chairman Jin Sik Park awarded special award for Meritorious Service (at ‘BIO&MEDICAL KOREA 2014’보건산업진흥원장 특별 공로상 수상(병원해외진출부분)
  • May 12th Wooridul Cooperative Vertebral Center Opening
  • April 15th MOU signed with GM Korea Employee Foundation, for Medical Support
  • March 09th Woochon Cardio-cerebrovascular Foundation Awarded, at the 5th APPCS (Asia∙Pacific Pediatric Cardiac Society)
  • February 13th Rated 1st Class on ‘Local Community Emergency Medical Center Assessment’, by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • February 13th Acquired Excellent Class for 2 Consecutive years on ‘430 Emergency Medical Institution Assessment Nationwide’ by Ministry of Health and Welfare,
  • February 03rd Chairman Jin Sik Park inaugurated to Chairman Chief of Medical Corporation Hyewon Foundation
  • December 19th Approved 1st Class among Acute Myocardial Infarction Institutions by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • December 07th The 3rd Sejong Cardiovascular Seminar for Doctors Opening private hospitals’ held
  • November 27th Accredited ‘Excellent Endoscopy Room’ by Korean Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Research Foundation
  • November 17th First in Asia to induce the Cardiovascular Angiography Equipment, ‘Allura Clarity’
  • November 12th Convention signed with Sunny Sejong Geriatrics Hospital as entrusted hospital
  • November 08th APCIS (Asia∙Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention Symposium) Support
  • October 24th Acquired accreditation by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • September 23rd Indoor departments Nighttime Examination Start
  • September 02nd The 31st Anniversary ceremony of Sejong Hospital
  • August 19th Convention signed with Bucheon-si Office on ‘Heart diseases Child-Patient Medical Support Work’
  • July 11th 5 Cardiology Specialty Doctors of Sejong Hospital appointed as Professors at University of Drexel
  • July 01st Ranked with the highest class of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft for 5 Consecutive years
  • July 01st The 5th Chief Jin Sik Park takes office
  • June 11th MOU signed with Korean Pharmaceutical Distribution Association
  • May 14th Selected for Pilot Project of ‘Hospital without Guardians’
  • April 11th Awarded the Charitable Medical Work by Minister of Health and Welfare, at 2013 Medical Korea,,
  • April 08th ‘Sejong Medical Business Academy’ opened
  • March 18th Convention signed with Bucheon FC for but Medical Support Work
  • November 23rd MOU signed Tam Duk Hospital of Cardiology, Vietnam
  • November 13th Congential Heart Disease Dedicated Website‘with Ai Sim Jang’ Opened for the first time in Country
  • November 10th 2012 Sejong Cardiovascular Symposium hosted
  • September 27th Renal Denervation operated
  • September 19th Percutaneous Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion (with WATCHMAN device) performed
  • August 20th Hospital ceremony of 30th anniversary held
  • July 01st ‘The 7th Doctor’s Association of Bucheon Combined Academic Conference held (Celebrating 30th anniversary of Sejong Hospital)
  • June 09th ‘The 2nd Sejong Cardiovascular Seminar for Doctors Opening private hospitals’ held
  • May 22nd Sejong Eurasia hospital Groundbreaking Ceremony held (Kazakhstan Almata City)
  • May 17th Cerebral Stroke Concentrated Room Opened.
  • May 03rd The 1st Symposium held for Structuring of Emergency Cardio-cerebrovascular disease patient treatment system
  • April 17th [Medical Korea 2012] The 3rd Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference Participation
  • March 09th Convention Signed with Korean Salvation Army for Medical Work for Overseas Children with Heart Disease
  • February 24th Partnership Agreement signed with ㈜PYEONGHWAIS for development of a digital hospital
  • February 01st First ECHO Training lecture held
  • January 31st Direct payment contract signed with Global Insurance Company Signa International
  • December 21st Awarded Minister of Health and Welfare Award by Medical Korea Foreign Patients attracting category
  • December 16th Rated 1st Class Hospital on ‘Open head surgery Antibiotics Use Aptitude Assessment’ by Health Insurance Review and Assessment
  • December 02nd MOU signed with Chungcheongbukdo Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare on Sharing Love to the neglected class of society
  • November 01st Ministry of Health and Welfare appointed Heart Specialty Hospital
  • November 22nd Accreditation of Joint Commission International acquired by Sejong Hospital
  • October 22nd 2011 2nd Sejong Cardiovascular Symposium held
  • October 20th 2011 Awarded Charitable Medical Award, by Medical Korea (Chairman Young Kwan Park)
  • October 11th Designated as transferring hospital by Kazakhstan National Funded Patients
  • October 07th Ceremony of Overseas Heart diseases children celebrating 1,000th free surgery
  • September 15th Convention signed between Sejong Hospital-Minstry of Health and Welfare, on ‘Sharing Happiness N’ Campaign September 15th Convention signed between Sejong Hospital-Minstry of Health and Welfare on Helping Multicultural Family Children with Heart diseases.
  • September 01st Professor Won Heung Shim of Severance Hospital, takes office as Head of Sejong Medical Research Laboratory
  • August 25th Establishment of Sejong-Eurasia Clinic Contract signed at Kazakhstan Almati,
  • August 17th Hybrid Operation Room Opened
  • July 09th Rated 1st Class for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Cerebral Stroke (declared by Health Insurance Review and Assessment)
  • July 07th Purity Aseptic Operation Room set to International Standards opened
  • June 11th ‘The 1st Sejong Cardiovascular Training Lecture for Doctors Opening private hospitals’ held
  • April 01st Local community established Emergency Medical Center designation
  • January 05th USA Chicago corporation established (Corporation name : Sejong Medical (SJ MEDICAL, Inc)
  • December 29th 300 complete foreign patients attracted
  • December 21st Health Insurance Review and Assessment declared ‘3rd Hospital in Korea that Heart Patients Seek the most’
  • December 04th The 1st Sejong Cardiovascular Symposium held (Simulation of 3rd successful TAVI treatment in country and simulation of 6 cases of peripheral vascular diseases)
  • November 24th Free Surgery for Overseas Heart Disease Children reaches 900th
  • November 15th MOU signed with USA University of Drexel, College of Medicine for mutual cooperation
  • October 15th International Medical Center exclusive ward of Sejong Hospital GRAND OPEN(First time in Korea)
  • September 13th Grand Prize awarded by Medical Korea Heart Center Category for 2 consecutive years
  • June 05th High-tech Medical Information System EMR Aunuri Comprehensive Computerization Opened
  • May 24th Cardiovascular Angiography performance count reaches 50,000th (First for a private hospital, Record in shortest time)
  • March 31st Awarded Grand Prize for Global Medical Marketing for 2 Consecutive Years
  • September 24th Grand Prize Awarded by Medical Korea, Heart Center category
  • September 01st ‘Vision 2020’ proclamation ceremony
  • September 01st Young Mu Noh takes office as Chief
  • August 02nd Foreign country patients attraction institution registered
  • May 29th Spoken of being Honorary citizen of Khabarovsk, Russia (Chairman Young Kwan Park)
  • March 19th Awarded Grand Prize from Republic of Korea Global Medical Marketing
  • March 01st Cerebrovascular(Palsy) Center Opened
  • February 25th Cooperative hospital agreement signed with Hangang Sacred Heart Hosptal of Hallym University.
  • February 12th Cooperative hospital agreement signed with Gangnam Severance hospital
  • January 30th Free Surgery for Overseas Heart Disease Children reaches 700th
  • January 01st Chairman Ran Hee Jeong takes office
  • November 03rd Cooperative hospital agreement signed with Gangnam St Mary’s Hospital of the Catholic University of Korea
  • August 20th 26th Anniversary of the hospital
  • July 04th Cooperative hospital agreement signed with Bundang Cha Medical Center of Pocheon Chinese Medical University (now ChaMedical College)
  • June 19th Cooperative hospital agreement signed with Konkuk University Hospital
  • May 23rd Cooperative hospital agreement signed with Hanyang University Hospital
  • April 28th Reselected by Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs as pilot hospital for heart disease specialty hospital
  • September 04th Mother-and-child hospital convention signed with Kyunghee University Medical Center (Pediatrics, Family Medicine)
  • December 13th Free Surgery for Overseas Heart Disease Children reaches 300th
  • July 13th Sisterhood agreement signed with New Life Prosperity Corporation
  • December 01st Former manager of treatment Tae Hyun Lee succeeds office as Chief
  • July 01st Designated as a pilot hospital for Heart disease specialty hospital by Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • February 18th Sisterhood agreement signed with Jungsan Hospital of Daeryun University, China,
  • January 22nd Cooperative Hospital agreement signed with Wooridul Hospital (Gimpo Airport)
  • July 14th Mother-and-Child agreement signed with Anam hospital of Korea University. Thus
  • January 20th Heart Surgery exceeds 20,000th count
  • April 09th Health Improvement Center was established
  • August 27th Sisterhood agreement signed with Child Clinic in Harbin, China
  • May 15th Cardiac Catheterization Examination and Treatment outreaches 20,000th
  • January 10th MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) replaced to the latest model
  • October 10th PACS(Picture Archiving and Communication System) induced you
  • September 01st Vice se him if Gwang Su takes office as Chief
  • February 09th No Blood Center Expansion Spoken of
  • December 05th Chief Young Kwan Park takes office as one of the 3 main Chairman
  • November 29th Ward modified (from 420 bed to 390 bed)
  • March 21st Sisterhood agreement signed with Jeil Hospital of Harbin Medical College, China
  • January 05th Sisterhood agreement signed with Jeil Hospital of Harbin City (China Hēilóngjiāng Shěng Harbin City)
  • October 01st Appointment Inquiry Center Established
  • December 21st Artificial Kidney Room Established
  • October 28th Cooperative Agreement signed with Samsung Medical Senter
  • April 17th Liaison signed with Ulsan University Hospital
  • July 06th Sisterhood Agreement signed with Nikko Citizen’s Hospital (formerly Furukawa Memorial Hospital) (Hokkaido, Japan)
  • April 01st General Screening Room established
  • June 18th Heart Surgery count reaches 10,000th
  • April 14th Successful Heart Transplantation Surgery utilizing helicopter
  • April 06th First private hospital to succeed in Heart Transplantation Surgery
  • September 28th Open Heart Surgery count reaches 5,000th
  • July 06th Sisterhood agreement signed with Chosun Ethnic Clinic (China Hēilóngjiāng Shěng Harbin City)
  • July 01st Selected as specialized treatment center for heart diseases by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (One and only in the country)
  • November 04th Instrument for Cardiovascular Angiography induced (Cineangiography)
  • December 28th Open Heart Surgery operated for 2,000th time
  • October 26th Self-developed Total Artificial Heart transplanted into a calf
  • September 23rd ‘Sejong Heart Disease Research Laboratory’ extended and renewed as ‘Sejong Medical Research Laboratory’(Lower branch: Heart Disease Laboratory, In vitro Fertilization Research Quarter, Animal Testing, Organ Transplantation Research Quarter, Organ Bank Research Quarter, Brain Death Research Group, Administration)
  • March 06th Animal Testing established
  • July 23rd 1,000th Open Heart Surgery operated
  • March 17th Induction of the γ -Camera and Isotopic Room established
  • November 15th Authorized Number of Beds changed (from 200 to 300))
  • September 01st Opening of Heart Disease Research Lab
  • June 30th Clinical Medical Journal "Sejong Medical Studies’ issued
  • September 26th Authorized Number of Beds changed (from 100 to 200 rooms)
  • May 19th Designated as Intern in Training Hospital
  • January 1 26th Open heart surgery performed for the first time (Mitral obstruction)
  • August 20th Commencement of Diagnosis
  • July 29th Corporation Establishment (Medical Corporation Hyewon Foundation. Original Chairman Young Gwan Park)