Cooperating with the Heart and Brain

At the Sejong Cardiovascular Center, especially the center of vascular diseases in which a more accurate and prompt diagnosis and treating is required, we provide a complete service of not only treatment and prevention but a rehabilitation program to enable patients of a normal life without obstruction after being discharged from the hospital.

Vascular diseases of the heart, brain and peripheral come multi-simultaneously

Vascular diseases of the heart, brain and peripheral come multi-simultaneously The blood vessels in our body are organically connected and thus when a problem occurs in one specific region, it can make the whole vascular system problematic including the heart and brain.
According to an actual material from the American Medical Association, 8.4% of cardiovascular diseases were combined with vascular diseases of the brain, and figures show a tendency of combined multiple vascular diseases increasing annually.
Therefore, unless in need of just a single treatment, because of how blood vessels being closely intertwined, it is important to receive treatments from expert medical centers with consultation of vascular diseases of the heart and brain and a well-structured system within.

A position of responsibility for your cardiac health

The Cardiovascular Center of Incheon Sejong Hospital was found based on the Sejong Hospital, which has led the history of cardiac medicine.
With a basis of 36 years of passion and tenacity for the heart, a department of cardiac medicine that includes staff who has been appointed professor at Drexel University College of Medicine, and heart failure experts who laid footings of re-challenge for heart transplant, as well as the know-hows and technology of Sejong Hospital that show astonishing growth every year, acknowledged as the best in Korea, we take responsibility of your cardiac health.

A life-saving flexible consultation system

Centering Doctor In Seop Choi, once a professor of a prestigious university in the United States who has researched and strived on neurointervention procedures for more than 30 years, and known as a leading figure in the field of cerebrovascular intervention procedures, our team of the best staff of each neurosurgery, neurology, neuropsychiatry, rehabilitation medicine departments will be with you. With cerebrovascular diseases, where the matter of speed is pivotal to even a fraction of a second, our center provides a hotline system speedier than golden hour and systematic intensive care.