[Cardiology] Park, Jin Shik / Chief Director

Park, Jin Shik / Chief Director
Atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease (myocardial infarction, angina pectoris), coronary artery occlusion(CTO), hypertension, preventive cardiology, hereditary cardiovascular disease, rare intractable heart disease, percutaneous coronary intervention
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Outpatient Wed Mon 2Week Before Noon
• 1995 Graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine
• 2001 Completed Master's Degree, Chungang University Medical School
• 2003 Doctoral degree from Chungang University Medical School
• 1995-1996 Seoul National University Hospital Training
• 1996-2000 Seoul National University Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine
• 2003-2005 Seoul National University Hospital Full-time
• 2005-2008 Clinical Assistant Professor of Cardiology / Emergency Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital
• 2009-2012 Head of Cardiology Department, Sejong General Hospital
• 2009-2013 Head of Strategic Planning Division, Sejong General Hospital
• 2013-2016.2 The 5th Hospital Director of Sejong Hospital
• 2014.2-present President, Hyewon Medical Foundation,
• 2017.2-present, the first Director of Mediplex Sejong Hospital
• 2013.12 Kwangmyong Mayor Appreciation Award - Medical Support Project for Children with Heart Disease in Yosung City, Shandong Province, China
• 2013.2 Korea Heart Foundation Appreciation Plate - Korea Heart Foundation's 30th Anniversary, Medical Support for Heart Disease Children
• 2014.3 Social Citation of Kyunggi Province - Contribution to the development of medical conferences and the promotion of rights and interests
• 2015.1 Kyonggi-do Governor's Citation - International Medical Service
• 2015.2 Korea Hospital Association Prize - Award for Promising Professional Hospital
• 2015.4 Certificate of Minister of Health and Welfare - Operation of comprehensive nursing service
• Appreciation plaque of Governor of Gyeonggi Province in 2015 - Mercedes
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